Home Life

Garden 2015 May 4I just drove through the country side on a little errand, and I could not help but rejoice in the beauty of the abundant fields just beginning to turn green. I came home and found the kids had finished their early morning chores and were now spending time together in a game. So I went on the rounds to check on the animals and the garden.

The chicks are getting big!  We have three sets now.  One will be “finished off” this weekend and the other two will be finished in the following weeks as they get to the right size.  We have used as little medicated feed as possible, and they live on green grass in a movable pen as soon as they are feathered out.  They spend most of their lives in the fresh air, eating and drinking to their chicken heart’s content.  It takes work to grow your own chickens, but even on four acres, it is not only possible, it is quite wonderful.  The kids learn where their food comes from and we know exactly what went into them.  We also treat the birds as a part of God’s creation and that means we are respectful and kind.  It makes a difference. Not only do we feel better about our food, but the food is actually better for us.

The garden is growing out well too.  It takes a lot of work to keep up with the weeds (thank You God for giving me so many strong kids) but it is worth the effort!  The asparagus is almost done for the year and the strawberries are almost finished too, but we have had a lot of good eating lately, and we have enough homemade strawberry jam set aside for the winter now.  Potatoes, green beans, corn, snow peas, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and plenty of herbs will help to keep us healthy and fed through the summer and into the winter months.  We do not have a lot of space on our little bit of land, but we make the most of what we do have and that has helped us to reap wonderful abundance.

Home grown is the way to go in my mind, be it home grown kids, home grown food or home grown lives in general. We have a home life that grows with us as we take the time to nurture and develop the life around us.  And the life all around nurtures us right back.

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