A Traditional Chicken Day

chickens 2014Well, it is done!  Amazing how time flies!  I am not including pictures of chicken day in all its grandeur because frankly killing chickens, gutting and bagging them us isn’t so very grand!  But as the entire family helped to get the job done from the oldest to the youngest we enjoy a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

My eldest daughter helped me in the kitchen with some of the more difficult work and she said, “It is good to know how to do this, not everyone does, you know.”  True.  She asked me how old I was when I first “did” chickens, and I had to admit I was an adult before I learned to raise food of any kind.  I didn’t even know the basics of gardening when we began this business.  But oh, how I have learned!  And in learning I have grown.  I pass on my limited skills to my kids, but most importantly, I feel like I have reclaimed an almost lost heritage.  We touch the soil, we work the soil, we nurture animals, we raise animals so we can live, we process our food so it will keep over the year, and we learn from our  mistakes even as we make some improvements each year.

But despite the difficulty and challenges in raising your own food, we manage to have some fun.  We always have coffee and doughnuts for a pick-up during the day, some simple lunch meat for the noon meal and pizza for dinner. No chicken tonight!  The kids call each other by their service names for the day – “plucker” ,”bucket carrier” etc. We laugh, and we sigh, and we tease, and the job gets done.

So, clean up and relax, kids. Tomorrow, the garden.

8 thoughts on “A Traditional Chicken Day

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