Super Heroes

Georgios symbol-fish2My family and I have had the chance to watch a few movies this spring and so far we have seen Captain America, Thor and Batman.  As good as they were, I felt something was missing.  I have an odd suspicion that when we create a super hero (the guy who leads us towards what is right, good and just) that he ought to have some passing relationship with the God who made him.  How else do I know if the good guy will stay good, if he is simply following himself?  And what makes the guy or gal so good in the first place?  Who is to judge?  Who has that right?

Recently my family and I went to an ordination of three men who became priests in the Catholic Church; it was an uplifting, awesome experience.  Why?  Because they are dedicating their lives to Someone they can’t see, but they know with the very fiber of their beings that He is alive and loves them. They believe in God, the Creator of the universe, who is perfect and true, and by His judgement, they will they know real justice. They promised obedience to their bishop and to live the sacrificial love that Christ calls forth from each of us by His life, death, and resurrection.

Bishop PaprockiBishop Thomas John Paproki reminded these men and the whole congregation that this life is not always full of joy, but rather we are to live in expectation of the joy to come.  In fact, he was quite clear on this point, that the more we offer ourselves to God the less “fun” life can be.  But we live for a holy, noble purpose that goes beyond what any human eye can see or any mere mortal can provide.

I need to believe in Someone wiser, more perfect than myself.  I need a guide.  I need a source of strength.  I am not my own God.  As much as I admire humanity, no one on earth can be my God.  And I do not think I am alone in my yearning to behold the Creator who made me and calls me toward perfection in Him.  But sadly, I think many souls are distracted and distorted into thinking that some nebulous “goodness” made by man’s momentary ingenuity and generosity might suffice for the day.  But we mere mortals do not make very good gods.  In fact, we tend to make rather terrible gods. Look at the men who tried to make “perfect societies” and the horror and genocide that defined their plans.  Our greatest good is in our worship and glorification of the one, true, perfect God who lives now and forever and ever.

So, thanks Batman, Thor, Captain America, and all the super heroes of our days for being a nice place to start, but let’s not stay there, let’s move on and get to know the Super Hero of them all.

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