Cover for ARAM 2013I’ve been told that one of the main attractions ARAM is the characters.  Though it is set in the time of “long ago and far away” ARAM, Eoban, Ishtar, Barak, and the rest are much like people you might actually know, including yourself.

As a clan leader, Aram is desperately worried about the safety of his people, but he isn’t sure exactly what to do about the threats they face.  In fact, he has enough trouble just handling his new wife. His people are an argumentative lot who can’t make any productive decisions without a strong personality to guide them.  So Aram guides them, knowing all the while that it is a case of the blind leading the blind. He is forced to deal with challenges from a much younger man, Barak, who thinks Aram has passed his prime, while Aram knows Barak’s limited qualities and is hardly impressed. Future events will dramatically change both their perspectives.  At the same time, Aram is still dealing with the loss of his first wife and baby.  Where did their spirits go when they died? Aram is open to the concept of a God who actually cares for the lives of men, but there is no tradition to back him up.  He, like the rest of humanity, must grapple for the truth in his own heart.

Aram’s experience is not so different from our own. As children we think we own the world only to discover that there is a whole lot we don’t know, and yet everything we do will make a difference for good or evil, and sometimes, if we are really honest, this worries us.  Aram comes to realize that God is knowable and not everything rests on his shoulders alone.  .

Aram is just one of the characters in the book ARAM and by taking a look at them, we can ponder some of our own struggles.  For Aram, as well as for us today, the truth is comforting; we are never left to wander this earth in aimless confusion for we are never really alone. God has always been with us – and always will be.

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