Dedicating our Day

autumn11Navigating the strange, sometimes treacherous, landscape from dream-land to wide-awake world is one of the biggest leaps of the day but perhaps not the most important.  I suspect that someone sneakily wound the clock of the universe a little tighter and thus the days, the hours, the minutes of a normal day seem to speed by so that in a mere blink – the morning has passed.  Don’t look twice or the whole day has rushed by!  Thus the inevitable realization, as I groggily try to face the to-do list in my mind and attempt to put the right garment on the proper limbs, is that the day is not long enough to accomplish the multiple tasks set for me.  To much to do in too little time.

It turns out there is a cure for the not-enough-time syndrome.  It involves intention and free will.  Actually, it turns out we are not really rats on a wheel going around and around.  We are souls with independent minds and the antidote to being madly rushed in a crazy world is in a rather simple word – dedication. When our day is rather like the Indy 500 where our goal is merely to get to the finish line as fast as possible, then it makes a certain amount of sense to fill our days with multitudinous activities because that way time does fly by.  But if our day is dedicated to Someone beyond time and space, then things change, our purpose and process is indubitably altered.

I have found that if I spend a few minutes at the very first part of the day dedicating everything in the coming 24 hours to God, asking for His guidance to put my actions in right order, then my priorities change dramatically.  I find that the “Boss” I am trying to please inside my own head is not some ambiguous slave driver who wants to push me faster but rather God who’d prefer I slow down enough to get to know Him in the details of life. It is true – going zippy-speed is a hard habit to break.  We start out life exploring the wonder we call creation and then we get to feeling pushed and pulled, and we stop thinking about what we are doing, we lose our intention and a thousand distractions propel us hurtling through our day.  We find we are working dreadfully hard but not really pleasing anyone – least of all the deepest part ourselves.

God created us with intention and dedication.  When we rush by everything He has made for us – saying as we zoom by: “I’ll get to you later, God!” well, don’t blink – it’s already later.

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