We Reap What We Sow

Georgios symbol-fish4My family and I watched a you-tube video called “180” which interviews “people off the street” and asks them about their knowledge of history, specifically WWII and the war crimes of Nazi Germany under Hitler, and then applies the morality of Hitler’s thinking to abortion. It is fascinating how the various people interviewed were quite certain of their beliefs and convictions in the early part of the interview and then how they are forced to look at what they believe in light of a new point of view – i.e. – if it was NOT okay for Hitler to define who was human and kill without mercy for the “good” of his people then does it make logical sense that we do the same thing, just as legally, in our system when we kill babies in the womb for the “good” of an individual? Who gets to decide who is human?

Those interviewed were surprisingly honest. Not everyone took the easy road. In fact, I think most were really expressing their fundamental views on the subjects even when they admitted that they would do something cowardly and shabby, even despicable, to save themselves. And yet on fundamental issues of life and death, they held strong “pro-life” opinions. And what they discovered – what anyone watching this series of interviews might discover – is that too often we do not reason to our beliefs as much as we adopt them from an emotional setting.

Hitler managed to convince a whole nation that the Jews, and anyone else who opposed him, had to die for the good of the nation. Millions of innocent people were murdered because the Germans themselves did not really see the horror that Hitler was inflicting. They didn’t see the truth until they were forced to visit the concentration camps, by law, after the war ended so that they might never forget and repeat the horror.

Since science today can prove undeniably that a living baby is being killed by abortion, where are we then? We have the legal right to kill the unwanted baby? How about the unwanted handicapped person? Or the helpless old person? Where does this reasoning take us?

There is a story about a Native American boy who was watching his father make a basket by the sea, and he asked his father what he was doing, and the father said, “I am making a basket to put your grandfather out to sea for he is old and is no longer useful to our people.” The boy looked at his father and and thought about this logic and then he nodded his head in agreement. “Alright, I see your point, but just remember, save the basket.”

We reap what we sow.

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