New Life Resolutions

autumn sunsetChristmas Day is over (though the Christmas Season has just begun) and before I can catch my breath one of my little ones asked me – So what’s next?  And I’m thinking “Good gravy!  I can’t keep up!”  And actually I’m not keeping up – I haven’t finished my Christmas cards, I haven’t taken my Christmas “collect my spiritual thoughts” walk and I am in no way ready for the next semester…..So what to do?

Well, I suspect that in all the hustle and bustle of making cookies, wrapping presents, seeing family, unwrapping presents, calling those too far to see and doing all the “stuff” of life (like eating, cleaning, laundry, keeping the house warm….) the amazing reality of God…becoming a man….and coming to us….somehow gets lost.  Ironically it is when God Almighty – Creator of the Universe makes Himself so small he can fit into a little feed box (to feed us really) that we get so overwhelmed we throw layers of events onto the great event and He gets covered up.  But by strange God-incidence we have this thing called the New Year which comes along right after this formidable holiday and though it is not such a shopping frenzy – it still holds sway in our tradition minded society.  And it is during this New Year’s holiday that I usually get the break I need to think…to pray….and to reevaluate my life.

My hope is that this year – 2013 – will be better than last year but I do not expect to have more stuff, or win the lottery, become famous, or suddenly be transformed into a wildly successful author….small chance of that! – But rather I hope to become a better person.  Why? Because that is why God made me. As I look back on 2012 I must say it was not a year to repeat – much too hard in to many ways – but I do know that I have learned a lot.  I am not the person I was.  I have faced fears, overcome a few weaknesses, repented some real sins and achieved a few things that would have been impossible for me earlier in life.  I do not have the vision or the wisdom of God.  Things that made no sense to me as they were happening now make very good sense.  The loss of friends was wounding to my soul in a way that words cannot speak, but now I have glimpsed a world set apart which I never could before.  In a strange sort of way these who moved on took me along with them, part of the way. I know they did not cease to be. Eternity exists!

So – I will take this time to make “new life’s resolutions” because as my husband says “Every day is a second chance”.  I do not know what 2013 may bring, but I do know that what I plan for, how I direct my thoughts, as well as my feet, matter.  May we make truly transforming resolutions which challenge us to make the most of January 1st and each day. May we reach ever higher!

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