December ice 2 (2)I am usually pretty tired by the time Advent rolls around each year…family, school, house, land, animals, writing…all the good but challenging demands of life can take a toll when we are hard at it for months at a time.  It took wisdom on the part of the Church to realize that this is a good time to stop and reevaluate what we are doing, why we are here, doing all the things we do…  The pagans of old were responding to a deep fear that the sun might not come back after the darkness, but the church decided that this is the best time to see most clearly what our lives are all about. Funny how life tends to work well, in what appears to be contradictions – finding the light by peering through darkness.

So I try to sneak in a little time to review what I have been doing, what works and what hasn’t been so successful, what I am finding draining and what offers some hope for the future, what I am still called to forge ahead with, and what things need to be closed and let go.  Advent isn’t merely the time to get the tree up, the decorations out, presents bought and cards written…all that may be a part of the fun…but it is not the point.  The point is to look at the life we have been given and wonder…really wonder…are we living…are we responding to the awesome call to do whatever it is that God sent us here to accomplish.  When we remember the little baby, God Himself in flesh, we have to be amazed at the faith He has in us.  We did the best and the worst by His son.  We loved him and we hated him.

Advent is a time to consider our response to Him for the coming year.  How will we live?