Cleaning House

home decorations 3I just finished a long exhausting battle with just every dust bunny in the house and a few other nameless horrors, and though I am slightly exhausted, I feel strangely victorious – not because the house is clean and I know where everything thing is (for the moment), but because I stuck to a schedule I gave myself and with every stroke I offered up my efforts for something meaningful to come from this experience.  In fact, I did my level best to stay in the moment and not hurry ahead.  Strange how cleaning a room or a house makes one ponder the deeper issues.  Maybe it is because I don’t really want to see if there is a spider on my sleeve, but I did find myself drawn to other spheres of contemplation during these cleaning projects.  Suddenly, I am not merely cleaning a physical space, but I am reviewing my year, considering the state of my conscience, and if there are any dust bunnies rattling around in my soul that I should do something about.

I can’t say I have come to any profound conclusions yet, but as I look around and see a brightness in the space that was not there before, I am pleased to notice that I feel a brightness inside that was not inside me earlier. Reviewing the state of my soul may be the most fruitful cleaning I do this spring. Cleaning house as a spiritual encounter?  With God, anything is possible.