home schooling 2014One thing that never ceases to amaze me about homeschooling – is how much I learn every day!  It is not just the constant review of reading, writing, math on every level from kindergarten to high school or the piano and violin practice or even the interesting questions I get asked every day (some of which I can actually answer) but it is the constant realization that everything is connected.

I’ve come to understand on a deeper level that in history a single event effects the world, and the future, in a myriad of ways – so you need to understand history to really understand the present; you need to know world history to really comprehend your neighborhood.

In science, it works the same way.  If you merely understand the water cycle, you gain an understanding of the environment and the environment connects to our culture, which effects our politics and thus our personal lives.  Every time we forget that we are a part of a living world, we get selfish and we throw our own lives, even our own bodies, out of balance because nature feeds us.

There are too many to list, but I am sure you could think of some interesting ones. Homeschooling is a wonderful teacher. Because we are all learning together, covering so many ages and interests as a family, we don’t get divided up into tight little chapters and discreet little boxes.  Life is full, and we enjoy the fullness. There is a lot to know in this world and one life time isn’t enough to comprehend it all, but homeschooling has done us a world of good.