Hope Springs Eternal


rainbow 3That’s about where we need to be – in the eternal.  There are a lot of things going on in the world that can get a person down – disasters, political instability, massive debt, culture crash and on and on.  Well, if you weren’t depressed before – you probably are now.  But that’s not where I want to stay or leave you.

DSCF1956SPRING is here and though it can’t solve the debt issue or make crazy leaders act sane or make mean people act nice, still it has the power to rejuvenate an exhausted spirit.  Which is why, I suspect, God created the season in the first place.  Yes, I know that half the world is heading into autumn, but I can only handle one hemisphere at a time.

Here are a few pictures to ponder the newness of the moment – ever eternal – ever a fresh start – always filled with a hope that cannot die.  These thoughts may not be greeting card worthy – still they help me.  Enjoy, grow young again, for hope springs eternal.

IMG_0273 (2)Blagobear in the flowers

flower end of season

IMG_0122 (2) baby bunny grows big