Rural Living

summer yard 2015Actually, I could list lots of reasons why I love rural living, but lets just start with today’s adventures – typical day on the Frailey farm.  First, there’s Saturday breakfast – bacon, eggs, hash-browns and toast.  My husband started the tradition – because well, you know, it’s what farmers do.  We could do biscuits and gravy but, well, a little heavy on the stomach for people who are going to go out and work the acre!

Then there’s the little critters that like to invite themselves in – don’t ask me why.  Like this morning, as my daughter was putting on her boots, she started backing away, hemming and hawing in the most extraordinary way.  “A Spider!”  Okay, okay we do have spiders and some have rather disturbing names – so I check.  Well, it wasn’t exactly a tarantula, but by hoes and hammers, it was mighty close.  Good thing I have an 18 year old son who likes those sorts of natural oddities.  So, he just captured it and put it out back to go eat a wild hog or something.

So then I attempt to kill off some of the ten foot weeds that like to take over driveways.  I have nooo idea what I am doing, I just bravely go along spraying some kind of poison out of a little glass cleaner bottle I found, hoping that I won’t turn brown and die before the day is over.

On to the next adventure.  Weed the garden.  As I said in an earlier post, corn has the remarkable quality of looking an awful lot like grass when its young.  So daughter # 2 weeded a whole field of grass – which oddly I thought I had planted in corn.  Oh well, maybe it will be like the ten foot weeds and spring back up over night.

Finally, I remember I have a whole load of laundry items down in the basement that need to be thrown in the washer before they mold into something indescribable (well, yes, I could describe them but I’m not allowed to use those words.)  AND, while I’m down there I smell something – again – I’ll leave THAT to your imagination.  So good ol’ son #1 to the rescue (again) – he reaches far under the refrigerator and pulls out the drip-pan.  Yeah, I’ll say something dripped! Who or what it was, is beyond this writer’s power of description.

So anyway, I’ve escaped back to my laptop.  The garden is growing, the wind is blowing, a few weeds, at least, have met their end, the smell has been eradicated, a spider is doing whatever it is that spiders do waaay out in the back 4 acres. And I can’t thank God enough for sunshine, the good earth, and sons and daughters to share it with.