The Trinity

March 2014 sunriseThere are a lot of mysteries in my life. I haven’t a clue how a computer really works or how a camera can capture an image and put it on paper or on a blog post.  I understand the biological principles behind human development but after 8 children, I am more awed than ever that a baby is wonderfully conceived in the womb, formed and shaped, grows up and (hopefully) gets to live out a life time of experiences.  So the mystery of the Trinity does not disturb me. Rather, it is a welcome opportunity to accept, humbly, my own limits of understanding.  I am content to let God be God. I am also pleased beyond words that God sees fit to manifest Himself to us in such amazing ways.  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I enjoy engaging in contemplation about this mystery, without demanding answers. God is. That’s enough for me.  The pictures we create are poor child’s scrawl in comparison to His magnificence.  Father – Creator of the Universe, Son – Brother who saves us with Himself, Holy Spirit – Lord of the willing soul.

In a world that loves to learn, research, poll, compile data, make suppositions, develop theories, and find “the answers,” we have to bow our heads to the mystery of The Trinity which we can never solve.  Our God, in all His glorious manifestations, doesn’t ask to be understood. God simply wants to be loved.  Now, there is the greatest mystery of all.