Family Highlights

This Week’s  Highlights:

cherry jam 2014

1)  My second son returned from a trip to Alaska, where he was visiting my brother, who is a priest up there.  He had a great time – saw moose (they really do exist), helped at the parish, climbed mountains, met some really nice people, went fishing and drank some great coffee. I told him I wouldn’t meet him at the airport with a to-do list in my hand, and I kept my word.  I gave it to him the next morning. He’s managed to accomplish more outdoor work in three days than I did in the three weeks he was gone.  I guess a little vacation was a good idea.  When’s mine?

2) Son number one has to get his wisdom teeth out and no one is looking forward to the experience.  It just dawned on me – in middle of the night – all the kids will need this done at some point.  Who’s getting wise here?  Well, if we face reality with humility and grace, I suppose we all will.

3) My daughter was kind enough to sing at the funeral of one of the choir members this week.  I give her a lot of credit.  We haven’t been to a funeral since John’s death.  She handled it well, though I know it was hard on her.  She felt she really didn’t do much but I kept thinking about Tobias and his service of burying the dead.  Apparently God really appreciated his efforts. I’m not exactly looking for an angel to appear at our door anytime soon, but then again…who knows.

4) So  a teacher friend of mine is reading over my work and doing some editing – making helpful suggestions.  A writer friend asked me tor read her stuff for the same reason.  In other words, I’m EXTREMELY aware of how it feels to have someone critique your work. Honestly, that’s the best way, in my opinion, to balance honesty with kindness.  To know how it feels…

5) It is hot and that means we get to experience some discomfort while attending the daily chores. ” Face it.”  “Life can be hard.”  “Make the best of it.”  “What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.”  For some reason none of these statements seem to have been much use in perking people up.  Picking three buckets of cherries and putting them with ice cream and cherry pie – well now – that has been much more effective.

6) Did I ever mention the fact that weeds have magical powers?  Well, if that fact accidentally slipped my mind, remind me to tell you about their amazing ability to grow twice as fast as any other vegetation, and their virtual indestructibility.  You can’t actually kill a weed – you can just relocate them.  But then I discovered this thing called round-up. It works. Unfortunately it will kill everything, even the plants you spent weeks nurturing. Deeep sigh here.  Sometimes you have to decide which is stronger, your hate for the weeds or your love for the garden.  Kind of like life, eh?

cornish cross chickens7) The chicks have grown to that nice shade of ugly so you don’t feel quite so terrible doing the needful duty.  Next week is IT.  Thank Heavens I don’t have to do the deed. I am a worse chicken than the chickens.  If only they didn’t taste like chicken!  But the kids have this habit of wanting to eat every day.  And, they like chicken.  So, get ready, get set…we’ll have pizza that night.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!