Small Town America

American flag 2014Today I got to experience a flash of insight and joy when I realized once again that I really do belong to this little town I have lived in (well near) for the last seventeen years. I went out early to post a letter at the post office.  I’ve gotten to know the postmistress and the delivery people well. Frankly, I send out books and things all the time so we have moved past the usual “nice day” commentaries  and moved on to what’s going on in life.

Then I stepped over to the vet/feed supply place and met an elderly neighbor who has been hiring my girls to help with her house projects. What a wonderful personality – so much life and history.  It is a privilege to speak with her. Besides that, she makes me laugh.  What spirit she has!  As my car was parked, trunk ready to receive the feed bags, so this dear woman and I stood by the road and chatted about our week’s schedule. The lady who helped me get the grain into the trunk ( different woman – by the way) was sharp enough to realize I was driving a different car.  She more than understood when I told her I had picked up a “liability car” for my college sons.

At the same time there was a gathering of folks across the road sitting on lawn chairs outside the “Coffee and Gab” doing, well, what you’d pretty much expect – drinking coffee and gabbing. It was a beautiful day and as the farmers compared stories, the women chatted, the small businesses went about their business it was rather idyllic.  It’s not “Happy Days” and not everything is perfect in the world – but it is Small Town America and you could tell that people were among neighbors – I was among neighbors  – and that is a wonderful feeling.