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Neb on AmazonReviewed By Karen Pirnot for Readers’ Favorite

In Neb the Great: Shadows of the Past, author A.K. Frailey offers the last in the Deliverance Trilogy. Not having read the first two books of the trilogy, I did not feel at all disadvantaged in reviewing this book on its own. The book is beautifully conceptualized and developed and was easy for this reader to follow. Gizah and Ammee are expecting their first child. They have asked Ammee’s aging father to tell the tale of his ancestors so that the history might be passed to their own child. And this begins a saga which encompasses six generations. But don’t be overwhelmed by the complexity of the book. It eases the readers into the various generations. The names are easily associated with beautifully-defined characteristics which make each of the characters unforgettable. I particularly loved the characters of the oldest generation of Hezeki and his children Enosh, Kenan and Eva. Their decision to leave the oldest brother, Neb, was instrumental in a series of choices throughout the generations. Inevitably, the choices were primarily those of good and evil.

There are so many moral and ethical lessons to be learned in Neb the Great that readers will find themselves pondering their own life choices. But perhaps the greatest moral dilemma of all is faced in the dying moments of Neb the Great when author Frailey has the man review his own life and come to terms with the evil he has taught and practiced. To see that evil in generations he has tutored is one which graphically stays with the reader. One of the most thought-provoking moral considerations is that of what one does with the limited time on Earth. Readers who love hidden messages will love to find the ones in this book!

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