Simple Joy

autumn 2014 5There are a lot of ways to have fun, but I have found our most exciting, fun times happen when we are working together. Last week we had a chance to help pick apples at a neighbor’s farm and then, since we were such good workers, we got to go pick some pumpkins and squash.  It was a bright sunny autumn day and the exercise of working out in the fresh air was invigorating.  As we drove home with a car loaded with fresh apples, pumpkins, and squash, there was a gorgeous harvest moon glowing over the horizon – so spectacular it was enough to take your breath away. That day, and those memories, the kids will carry with them forever.  I doubt there are many movie or party experiences that will last the wear and tear of time as well.

Apple harvest 2015Over the weekend, we got together and peeled the many baskets of apples and cut them up and canned them.  It took all Saturday, but once again, the joy of talking together, sharing thoughts and laughing at silly absurdities, made our time together a treasure. We now have 24 jars of cinnamon-apples which will last us through the winter, providing yet another joy in the form of hot apple pies on cold, snowy days, but also the joy of shared memories.

Today we are celebrating a couple of family birthdays and along with the cake we are making holiday cookies and apple pies.  It isn’t the food that makes the celebration but the time spent sharing, talking, laughing, working and simply being together.  As a matter of fact, the pumpkin seeds I roasted turned out terrible – I’m seriously thinking even the squirrels will spit them out and run for fresh water. Such are the risks in cooking. No guts – no glory.

At the end of October, we will have a pumpkin carving contest and I am looking forward to that adventure. When family members experience each other as friends – everyone comes out a winner. It is the simplest joys that last the longest.