Georgios – Hidden Heritage

Finally, it is PUBLISHED! For those who have been following the progress of my work you’ll know this has been a challenging year, but Georgios has been a work of love as well as a dedication to my husband , John, who passed away late last year.  Georgios  – Hidden Heritage a story about a young man’s search for his father, his identity, and his courage in a Roman, Greek, and Celtic world in the year 100 A.D.  I pray it brings inspiration to it’s readers as John’s courage and faith inspired his friends and family.

It is available on Amazon as a paperback and  as an e-book.

“Interesting, factual, well-researched…a must read for historical fiction fans Ellen Gable Hrkach – President of the CWG

“Lovable characters from different cultures unite for high adventure during the time of Christ in this engaging, historical novel.”  Caroline Hopkinson, Librarian

Georgios – Hidden Heritage was written about a more specific epoch in history than The Deliverance Trilogy. My books deal more with the psychology of the time and the spiritual journey of the characters – which is rather timeless.

My editor, Kate, and I are also resuming work on Georgios II after a short break. Georgios II – A Chosen People will hopefully be out early in 2015.

Here is the pitch that got through the first round on The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest.

Georgios was destined for greatness—at least that was what his grandparents told him, his father assured him, and his mother embedded in his heart. But before he could face his destiny he must discover where his loyalty lies and what mystery shadows his every step. Living on the island of Patmos in the year 100 AD, he sees the world through Greek eyes, but he also knows there is more to life than the security of home—a turbulent world is calling him forth. At the age of 13, Georgios embarks on a voyage to find his father and runs headlong into a world teetering on the edge of a precipice.

Georgios almost murders his first real friend, but ends up saving his life when he discovers they share a common grief. The two boys are befriended by Seanan, a Celtic trader, who has revenge on his mind. Seanan must recover his family from a Druid Priest who will do anything to appease his gods. Georgios wants nothing more than to discover the answers to vital questions, but what he learns about Celtic faith, Roman justice, and his father’s loyalty, horrifies him, thrusting him into a decision, and an adulthood, he is not ready for.

Unlikely accomplices, including an exiled mercenary, a Celtic adventurer, a runaway girl, and an overanxious mother, join together in a humorous but desperate attempt to stop an insidious scheme from toppling a shaky Pax Romana. From toil to trouble, Georgios is seduced by the greatest danger of all—overwhelming success.

In facing his father and their history honestly, Georgios learns to overcome shame and forge an ancient tradition together with an inspiring revelation into the strength needed to lead a new generation past failure into an enduring future.