The Grace of Yes

Grace of Yes

The Grace of Yes by Lisa Hendey is an extraordinary book for one great reason – it is invaluably honest.  There are many “how to” and “self-help” books dishing out advice about everything from eating well to becoming holy, but this book offers well thought out, honest reflections on very basic human experiences including love, marriage, faith, raising children, and living in a work-a-day world, and how to make our lives better in a culture that has forgotten our need for our greatest good―God.  The Eight Virtues for Generous Living that Mrs. Hendey outlines help us to ponder how we live―whether we are living intentionally or just floating along from one distraction to another. I especially enjoyed the prayers offered at the end of each chapter. They were clearly sincere, yearnings from the heart, to know, to love, and to serve God better.  The Grace of Yes is a book that will echo in the minds and hearts of its readers long after the last page is finished.