Home, School, Life

loaves of breadWe home-school, but I would say that we respond to the vocational call of home-living also. It is not just about educating my kids in math, science, and literature though those things are invaluable but also about participating in life so that everything we do educates our hearts, souls, and minds. Home, school, and life all blend together in a harmony of existence where one does not end and the other begins.

Case in point, Saturday I usually catch up on the “household duties” of cleaning, organizing, baking, and banking which tend to get pushed aside when we focus on the text books, experiments, papers, tests, etc. during the week. But that hardly means that no one is “learning” on the weekends.  I made bread this morning and after trying a whole wheat recipe that made better bricks than bread, I made some needed changes.  My two eldest daughters and I like to experiment with bread recipes and as one worked on a sweet bread of her own invention, I worked on making a better loaf of wheat bread.  We discuss and compare as we sample.  It works out well.  The younger kids all seem to enjoy the process. Especially with butter and jam. A home-moment that does more than educates the mind, it nourished the body and soul.

Another example: one son has been  working on a story which he would like to publish some day.  He reads various how to “write-the-best-novel-ever” books and we go over his work after school hours.  When he has something nicely polished, he’ll read it to the family audience and get reactions. Again, an educational situation which is also a social event, a family highlight, and a personal growth opportunity.

There are all sorts of opportunities to take an ordinary home and turn it into a family centered, be-the-best-you-can-be, springboard for growth and joy. If it happens to be educational – so much the better.