Do You Believe?

Do You BelieveA new movie with the title: Do You Believe?  created by the folks who brought us God is Not Dead is coming to theaters March 20th, 2015. I viewed the trailer last night and I’m impressed by the choice of cast as well as the hope that it inspires by the nature of the film’s content. Since I have not seen it yet, I can’t offer a review, but I can say that I am more than willing to meet the movie half way. I will be thrilled if it is a all-out success, but I will still be happy even if it is less than perfect but still a sincere attempt to bring hope into our troubled world.

Just the title, Do You Believe? is worthy of a moment’s thought.  What do we believe in? Who do we believe in?  As I raise my children in a world I feel less and less comfortable with, I have to believe that there is more to our human existence than what divides and conquers us. There are some notably sincere attempts to “bring Christ to earth” through novels and movies which, though ardent, seem to ignore the very worthy questions of a culture near despair. It is almost as if everyone has jumped on the fantasy-superhuman bandwagon, and we believe that if we can engage miraculous powers we can save what is good and destroy what is bad –  God Himself need not apply. In one scene I read recently, an author had set up a scene where the good guy has outsmarted the bad guy and is holding a gun to his head asking “Are you saved?” because he apparently wants the thief to “be saved” before he is forced to shoot him.  A number of questions beg to be answered here. I can’t address them all, but the main one I must ask is: If a person is “saved” thus going straight to Heaven – would he still commit a felony? I fear that our need to have all the answers – including knowing who is saved and who is not – leads us into territory that is not ours to hold.  When we decide we do believe in God – that doesn’t mean we automatically know the mind of God.  As an example: ISIS comes to mind.

As the boarders of our universe expand – and our understanding of the bigness and smallness of our world hits us – I believe that God, though very real and of infinite importance, is not so easy to stuff into our limited capacity minds. We don’t know a great deal more than we do know.  My comfort lies in the fact that I can believe in Him and yet not fully understand Him; I can love Him and be loved by Him yet not know everything about Him. Perhaps that is the core beauty of belief – I can believe – letting God be God.