The Angels of Abbey Creek

The Angels of Abbey CreekI like reading children’s books to my kids and we have recently enjoyed many a cozy afternoon reading through: The Little House stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder, Wind in the Willows by Kennneth Grahame, Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt, Enemy Brothers by Constance Savery, The Borrowers series by Mary Norton, The Black Fox of Lorne by Marguerite De Angeli, and Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Janet Gray and several biographies of famous people including: Benjamin Franklin, Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth of Hungry, and Pope Pius the X.  Now, I get to include a charming children’s book by an author I just met, virtually anyway, over the internet.  As Sue lives in Australia and I live in the U.S., our meeting was one of those serendipitous joys of the modern world.  We both love to write books and read great stories.  Here is hers:

The Angels of Abbey Creek is a children’s story set in present-day Australia.  They are a large Catholic family doing all the things that families do together—celebrating the New Year, Mother’s day, camping, church, having fun and disasters together and making the best of each situation. I especially enjoyed reading how plans were made and how things rarely worked out as expected.  Parents can readily agree that Sue Elvis knows what adventure is in store for unwitting parents as they take kids out into the world with the highest of hopes only to find themselves struggling to maintain their sanity and dignity. Yet the Angel family, with their unconquerable love and unfailing desire to make the best of things, do what we all wish we could—keep trying till things get better.

Being set in Australia lent a flavor to the story which I really enjoyed.  I liked reading about their hikes into the bush and the unique foods and traditions that have developed in the “World Down Under.”  As a Catholic, I could readily relate to the religious traditions that make Catholicism uniquely wonderful, but a reader who had even a passing familiarity with faith and family would find plenty to relate to.  The characters are real and the events life-like.  Things don’t always go perfectly in real life or in story life either and there is something to be gained from a humble and loving approach to life’s up and downs.  The family members may not be celestial angels, but there is great hope that they may one day become saints. The Angels of Abbey Creek is a fun story to read aloud and share with children with lots of interesting discussion points.  Thanks, Sue!

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