The End of the World?

autumn11Yep, the reports are true.  It is coming.  I have no idea when, and those who say they do – don’t either. The same God who created the universe and keeps our hearts beating while you read this doesn’t particularity need me or you to proclaim His long range plans.  After all, if He ceased to think of us – we would cease to be.  I find it beyond strange that there are people willing to commit the most awful atrocities in the name of ushering in God’s kingdom and at the same time some how manage to convince others that it is a romantic/holy adventure. It’s like media-savvy Orcs got access to the dark web.

Still, just a word of common sense in a world of madness.  God creates life out of nothing. We can only alter, co-create through His grace, or destroy. It takes the pride of the devil himself to think that we are killing our way to Heaven. He created every living thing that ever existed and exists on the earth today.  Does it not seem a major contradiction to say that by destroying His creation we are doing His will?

There are those who point to the west as evil incarnate.  Yes, I’ll admit we have our problems. Seriously – what quadrant of the globe doesn’t?  We do choose evil – some of us, some of the time.  So, explain to me, when does doing evil amend evil?  It is very much like the logic of killing a baby in the womb on the theory that it will save the baby a miserable life.  A a dash of humanity would help here.

From what I can see, evil feeds off this stuff. Once we let go of God’s hand, we slip toward madness and self destruction. Yes, the world is ending.  It will end for each of us certainly – no escaping death.  But as for the end of the world?  It might be time to remember who God is.  And take His hand – not tip it.