Spring Time Faith

Garden 2015 May 4Setting aside the fact that the one and only time I ever consider entering politics is under the inauspicious dream of ending the tyranny of our biannual time-change, I do look forward to seasonal changes.  God knows us so well. Humanity needs change, yet we also need consistency.  Somehow our Creator manages to address these concerns through the seasons which occur regularly yet are never mundane.

For us home-schooling families living in rural environments, this means the springtime transition from indoor intellectual pursuits toward outdoor occupations. Instead of heating with wood fires, classroom schoolwork, literary pursuits, research projects & indoor games, we have open windows, gardens, fruit trees, chicks, and outdoor fix-it lists. There is something so sane about going outdoors.  Smelling the rich, damp earth as it awakens and seeing the tiny, fragile buds push their way through last year’s death into this year’s new life draw out a thousand parables which never need to be spoken out-loud – just noticed.

While I tremble at the state of our 18 trillion dollar debt, our entangled international affairs, the forces of evil rising toward our children’s future, still I can stand on our good, firm earth and know that despite those terrors which disturb my soul – yet I know that God still believes in us.  God has given us spring one more time and that fills my heart with relief and gladness.  Let us not fail to notice this great good and thank Him. By ingratitude we tend to lose those gifts which brings out the best in us.