Movie Magic?

moviesI must admit I was very surprised when Marvel successfully took comic book characters and imbued them with imagination and life. True movie magic. I didn’t have any real appreciation for comic book characters before the Marvel series came out. I stand corrected.  Still, I have to wonder where all the retro fairy-tales, comic book characters, and childhood game-type movies are going to take us. Why are we looking for deep themes in the shallows?  Maybe we aren’t looking for deep themes.  Maybe we just want to be entertained.

At the cost of millions? In a world struggling with massive cultural divisions, drug addictions, extremist murderers, predictions of WWW III, anxieties over nuclear Armageddon? I don’t believe that entertainment is all that fills people’s minds these days. But what better way to address our fears than through comforting retro toys and games? We know it’s not real, but we get to live out the solutions to our problems through easy, sit-back-and-enjoy scenarios.  Or do we?

Like cotton candy, the taste of pink sugar only lasts so long.  Not pretending to be Nostradamus or anything…I’d just like to add my two cents and make a little prediction. There are a lot of well written stories out there.  As the successful book and subsequent movie Unbroken suggests, real-life inspirational stories are still quite popular.  There are other such stories, perhaps not always as graphic, but every bit as inspirational.

I know one author writing The Forgotten Saints series. Talk about amazing true life tales! These are stories everyone can relate to – real people overcoming incredible odds to make themselves and the world a bit better. I also know fiction authors, largely ignored, who write thrilling tales which inspire the reader toward something truly marvelous, reflecting “a bit of the eternal good”.

I have already posted other blogs listing books by new authors, so I am not going to repeat that here.  Suffice to say, there are many authors working hard to become recognized but finding it nearly impossible to find a place at the table because publishers and other industry specialists hardly want to risk millions on a new author. When you are talking about such a steep investment, I can understand the caution. But is there perhaps a middle road? Less expensive films with more variety of themes.

True movie magic dares to leap over the shallows and inspires life changing hope. That hope rests in characters who can actually be followed, emulated, and valued as real human examples of the best of our race. I suggest that in time audiences will be looking for more movie miracles and less magic.

Perhaps looking a little farther a field, getting a fresh perspective, and remembering that it is the very “outsiders” that do most of the living and investing in this world, who are capable of telling the most riving tales. They’ve often lived them.