A Dangerous Occupation

needle and threadEarly this afternoon, I took courage in hand and attempted to sew some buttons on a sweater.  Since the nights have been chilly, I thought this was a wise move.  Little did I know.

As I sat there with a surprisingly hot sun beating down on me, the hum of cicadas in the background, and the whirl of combines in the next field, I figured I was completely safe.  Not so.  Once unleashed, our thoughts can lead to dangerous territory.

Beware, stream of consciousness moment here.

First, I thought about how my children were playing so nicely in the yard. Then my mind jumped to pictures I have seen this week of refugee children fleeing to safety, and I considered their fate. Even if our country does finally open our arms wide to them, they will still have to deal with deep scars involving all the trauma created when people act more like beasts than human beings.  How does one address such needs? There are those who try – thank God.  I should try…

Then I move from that consideration toward the beautiful music I heard at church last evening. I can still hear some of the strands of Beethoven’s creation in my mind. Which reminded me of the diary of Samuel Pepys which I am currently reading. Granted, Pepys lived a century before that noble composer, but the reality of humanity’s greatness and foibles follow us through the centuries. I am as amazed by Beethoven’s genius as a composer as I am by Pepys as a journalist.  Both were intensely honest men driven by passions they little understood. One rose to create music which invigorates the soul even today, while the other depicted a mind and heart I despise one moment and pity the next. Next, I start to wonder where they are right now, at this moment.  Surely their souls live in some form or fashion. What does God do with such men? Closer to home; what will time relate of my journey on this earth?  What will God do with me?

On to something else.  Quickly!  Finally, I finish my sweater and I decide that I’d better get to writing this week’s blog.  What to write?  As I am no composer, I figure I might give a brief glimpse into our world today.  In the US, we are considering various candidates running for president.  There are twelve Republicans and a couple Democrats so far as I know. The most colorful and clownish generally gets the most attention. The country is mainly divided between liberals and conservatives, and despite fairly peaceful daily conditions, people seem to be on edge. Terrorists in the Middle East make life miserable for millions but world efforts have joined to oppose them.  Our national debt has ballooned out of control, but few people seem to spend too much time worrying about that. Movies and games, like Pepys plays, are a national obsession.

Like the centuries that birthed Pepys and and Beethoven, we are a world of individuals united by a common fate.  We share our history and our future.  What one does, effects the whole.  Yet we don’t seem to really believe that.  We stem from a distant first and we will all end in a unseen last.  As I plied my needle in and out, tying a button to a sweater, so we ply our lives, tying ourselves to each other, for better or for worse…

Told you it was a dangerous occupation.