rainbow 3To be or not to be…

A famous line from Shakespeare which reminds us – we have choices. We also have consequences.

For example:

Upon awakening this morning, I was faced with the imploring faces of various cats and kittens at the door pleading for their morning rations.  I’d rather they were out hunting the rats and mice which are scurrying about doing untold damage…but I fed them a little something anyway. I’ll be condemned by rural natives who know the value of a hungry cat but applauded by animal lovers.

I am choosing to start graduate school in the field of Creative Writing in the hopes of some day making a little income so that I can assist my children with their college expenses. By some standards I am a fool for taking on too much, while by others, I am bravely engaging in my future.

Even how I dress has engaged comment.  As a nursing mother of a large family with a husband helping out at home, I mainly wore dresses which accommodated my life style. Now that my husband has passed on and my children are growing up, I find jeans and a sweater more fitting for the various tasks of the day. Interestingly, I have received near unanimous approval for this change.

In watching a summary of the hit show Breaking Bad, I was hit by the line: “I did what I wanted.”  I suspect that is usually the case.  I choose to feed the cats because I honestly want them at my door every morning where I can view their cute little faces. I am taking graduate classes because I want to improve my writing and get paid for my efforts. I dress this way, because it works best for my present vocation.

It seems that the big as well as the little decisions of the day draw consequences. My choice?  To decide whose voice I listen to and which call to life I answer.