Websites for a Better World

rainbow 2There are a number of great websites which do a lot to make this world a bright, happier, more loving place.  I came across one the other day.  It’s calledHabits to Discover Success.

There is a lot to peruse: Recommended Resources, Building Better Vocabulary,  Making the World Better, Bite Sized Advice and News and Views.  I love the main theme:

“Every habit, good or bad, begins in our thoughts.
Why not crowd out negative thoughts that create chaos?
Why not promote the good, the true and the beautiful?
We can make our world better one thought at a time!”

“Here you will find resources that:
• build character
• educate
• promote good thoughts”

This is terrific stuff for parents and grandparents looking for ways to help kids, neighbors, family, and friends discover concrete ways to assist our world toward a better life together.

In all the chaos in a world torn by division, threats of war, violence, and despair, it is heartening to find a site that offers real hope.  As long as we hang on to hope, the best of the human race cannot be defeated. 

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