Heroes’ Quest

IMG011 (2)In my never-ending quest for heroes or heroines, I am joyfully surprised when God keeps putting inspiring, life-changing stories in my path.

Here’s another report from Columbia magazine, January 2016.  It is a story of Kathleen Bravo, who after experiencing some very dark days, entered a new phase of her life when she took over and rebranded a nonprofit organization, naming it  Obria Medical Clinics. She has since touched the lives of many thousands of women and saved the lives of over six thousand babies. In the Columbia Magazine article, he states: “Our main goal is to meet a woman where she is – that is Mother Teresa’s approach.” And later, she says: “Don’t limit the Holy Spirit.”  (p.8-9)

I love to absorb the stories of men and women who accept the risk of caring for our fellow human beings even when life is hard, the past has been disappointing, and the future looks questionable.

The question for us each day is not, “Do I have a choice?” since we always have a choice. The question is what price are we willing to pay for our choices? Men and women who choose to fight for the good of others, despite the challenges of misunderstanding and outright discrimination, are real heroes.

My choice?  I choose to focus on the best of humanity, what draws us together and makes us proud of our race.  Who knows, but we may not be alone in this universe.  How would another race view us?

If we don’t value the most vulnerable among us…will anyone?

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