A Child’s Eyes


Someday, Mother, you will want to know, so I’m recording this for you. My first thought upon entering the world was not logical or reasonable; rather it was purely emotional. I cried.

Omega created me at the earliest possible stage when my human egg was joined with Luxonian sperm, and though the process was unique and risky, I developed into an embryo and was placed into an artificial womb. I knew nothing of this, of course, as my brain was not developed until later. But I existed, and I became Omega’s obsession for the twenty-one cycles it took for me to gestate.

Upon birth, I was helpless and frightened. I remember little of this either, but Omega later told me that I kept fading out, a sure sign of Luxonian demise so that he feared for my life until I grew more developed. My caretakers were two beings I have never encountered in any other place, so I can’t give you their true identities, other than to say that they were able to take human form and understood Luxonian physiology perfectly. Their names were Nana and Papa. They were kind and nurturing and offered me a wonderful life full of adventure and trust.

I lived in a human village that Omega referred to as his ‘Advanced Zoo.’ There were a variety of beings living there, but it was stylized like a medieval, human village. Omega once explained that it had once been home only to humans, but in order to determine humanity’s readiness for other species encounters, he had introduced other beings into the village over a matter of ages.

I was naturally curious so I asked many questions, but he rarely gave me the answers I sought. Rather, he simply pointed to a large graveyard on a distant hillside and said that there is no great gain without some loss.

In many ways, I developed like any child on Newearth. I was given proper food, suitable clothing, an intensive education, and loving parents. But I have always wondered, is that enough? Omega told me that he created me for a specific purpose, and when I was brought to you, he explained that you would be my true mother. Though I was very young, still a child biologically, I questioned the wisdom of my creator.

But the other day, I met your friend, the Luxonian named Cerulean, and I asked him if Omega had the right to create me as he did. Cerulean knelt at my side, took my hands in his and delved deep into my eyes. “We create the body, but God creates the soul. It is up to you to decide what to do with both.”

I know, Mother, that you were created as a grown woman, named Justine, and sent into a world adrift in turmoil. You did not have the childhood I did. You did not encounter the love I did. But, in the end, your reality is much the same as mine. You decide what to do with your body and soul.

I just thought you’d like to know.

Your daughter,



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