Looking On the Bright Side?

So, I was trained as an election judge at the county courthouse, and I learned way more about elections than I ever thought I would. What astonished me were not the rules to keep track of the ballots, the attention to every detail in order to protect the voting process, but rather the people in the room with me. For the most part, my co-trainees had been doing this duty for years. Faithful and reliable. Exceptional really. It was humbling to realize—for the umpteenth time—how much I have taken for granted in my life.

Driving to get chicken for the kids’ dinner—since I was way behind schedule and frankly fried chicken sounded really good at that point—I considered the cleared fields, the cars, and trucks rolling along the paved roads, the neat houses and yards, the orderly marketplace and quiet town, and I marveled at how much goes right in this world.

There is such a daily barrage of bad news that sometimes I feel inundated with the horrors of our human journey. But when I stop and look around, I can see that quite a few things actually go right each day.

Is it a matter of looking on the bright side? A Polly Anna disposition and all that? Perhaps not. Perhaps it is really assessing reality as it actually is. In fact, much of our world does run quite well by the hard work, decency, and generosity of a great number of people.

I’ve heard it said that the devil in hell doesn’t buy a soul for a fortune—he only needs to offer trinkets. Well, I suspect that we sell our good humor, our cheerful dispositions, our positive outlook, our health, welfare, and even our sanity to the negative details of a world that can’t possibly be perfect. How willing am I on an average day to gripe about a hundred things that aren’t right, when I could just as easily thank God for a million things that have kept me alive and in decent shape?

The sales lady at the Wal-Mart grumbled when I asked for three containers of chicken. She snarled at her co-worker. “Just put out a new batch, and she’s clearing me out!”

Yikes! Guilty as charged. But the other woman winked at me and grinned with good humor. Guess which face I’m going to remember as I head home smiling…


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2 thoughts on “Looking On the Bright Side?

  1. Yep, indeed. I figure that “reality as it actually is” – – – is packed with beauty and wonders. And, on this damp ball of rock and metal, a great many decent folks quietly keeping things running. Also a few noisy ones, but they’re obviously – I think – typical.

    The trick, for me, has been to keep noticing the beauty and wonder surrounding us.


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