Life Complications


So okay, after a series of events where I have to make choices, even though I don’t own a crystal ball, and I was definitely at the end of the line when God was handing out the Prophesy skills, I’ve decided that major life complications must be a sign of His love and awesome trust.

Not being able to solve my own problems…I naturally started thinking about everyone else’s. Good plan, eh?

I awoke thinking about Abraham. You know, the guy who just wanted a son, and God said, “Sure, I’ll take care of it. When you and your wife are so far beyond normal childbearing age that it’ll take a miracle to even conceive, she’ll give birth to a bouncing baby boy. Then, just to clarify my love, I’ll ask you to sacrifice that gift as an offering to me.”

Then a miracle happens—Not only is God’s son is offered in place of the human child, humanity is promised the ultimate gift of sacrificial love.

Next, my mind roamed over to Moses…the guy whose bucket list included setting his people free from slavery. Once again, God said, “Sure, I’ll take care of it. Just head on over to Pharaoh’s place and tell him to let loose nearly his entire workforce, and when he gets petulant about the situation, I’ll deal with him one catastrophe at a time. After he finally gives in and starts to chase you across the desert, you’ll run into a blockade of water, but don’t fret, you’ll walk across on dry land. And when your people start to act like whiny kids, I’ll just let them wander out their woes for forty years, till they’re really ready for home.”

More miracles—A new home, a new life, and a new identity as a free people of God.

On down the line to Mary, the model of human perfection. She just wants to do God’s will. God accepts her offer. “You, a single Jewish girl, will get pregnant by the Holy Spirit and carry my Son. But don’t worry, I’ll tell your husband, Joseph, all about it in a dream. Shepherds and Kings will kneel before the child, but all too soon you’ll have to hike over the desert into exile and return a few years later to live in obscurity with the Second Person of God who can turn water into wine and raise the dead. I’ll let Him tell you the bad news…and then the good news…”

And the greatest miracle—God unites Himself with humanity, and Communion becomes true. Humanity is offered, redeemed, given a new home, a new life, and a new identity.

So now when I face my own life complications, I’ve decided not to shake my fist at God and wonder why He has it in for me. Life complications and missions-impossible are His way of showing me His love and His trust.

My offering of love and trust is all I need to make things work. Now that is a miracle indeed.

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