There is a vulture circling overhead,

I wonder—why can’t it be a sparrow instead?

The drier signals come-get-me-now with demanding beeps,

I tell the dog, “Go get the clothes.” She blissfully sleeps.

Sink clogged; floor sogged,

Land bogged; mind grogged.

Willow-whisps of complaint flitter through my head,

Think of kindness, goodness, gratitude instead.

At my feet, a robin does bounce,

Upon the unwary worm, it doth mightily trounce.

Not at a river bed beat the clothes clean do I,

Many manage still, with only a sigh.

Too much water, wrong time and place,

Try a desert for a change of pace.

Not-a-worm, labor-hunched, or on a barren site,

A change of perspective does lighten my plight.

The vulture swoops away.

Clean laundry in drawers stay.

Water drain,

Mind sane.

Rest is best.

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