Imaginative Wonder

Elves and Wood Folk live here. In a late summer morning, birds chirping, crickets humming, green leaves languidly swaying, bushes blooming, hens wandering sedately across the yard—queens of their private domain—and my world is blessed.

I do not trouble my soul with questions on such a morning. I breathe deep and trust in God. That is enough.

Imagination rules over all the troubles of life, and hope lights the path for yet another day.

Yesterday, I was in this same space, but not at peace. My heart ached with the knowledge that my father could hardly speak and will likely never truly speak to me again.

I took my newest college kid to get a required vaccine for a disease I do not understand and cannot see the end of.

My youngest daughter needed blood tests for a strange loss of bone that no one yet understands.

A massive insect attack, sweltering heat, and thunderstorms charged across the land.

Memories of lost loved ones twisted my heart into knotted strings.

I faced a flat line where book sales were supposed to be after a vigorous book sale effort.

I spoke with a gentleman suffering from many losses, who comforted me with the story of Job, a sufferer relieved of despair only after he prayed for his friends.

Together we mourned, and together we prayed.

That made all the difference.

Today, I celebrate my second son’s 24th birthday.

I make ready books and materials for a new school year starting Monday.

A cool breeze and falling yellow leaves warm my soul in light of autumn’s coming glory days.

I celebrate the Life of God with my community knowing full well that not everyone shares the same understanding, but we all long for meaning beyond chaos.

In a wonderfully imaginative picture my middle daughter painted for her brother, set amid the many gifts each sibling gave to their treasured friend, I caught, once again, the spirit of enthusiasm that had all but died yesterday.

An elven figure danced in a wooded glen, whistling a merry tune.

There is life beyond what these eyes can see.

Oh, God of the Universe, when we humans lose our true treasure in the midst of daily toil, fighting the trolls and ghouls of grief and despair, send a gentle breeze in a flowered glen—be it in sight, scent, touch, tune, taste, or pure imagination.

Remind us of Your glory. The Wonder that makes our weary love live anew.

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Hope’s Embrace & Other Poems


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