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Where Life United

Your eyes record a different world than mine,

Without my music, books, or time.

Declining years loom ahead,

Your face lights with futuristic hope instead.

Joking, you say, go back to days long past,

But no return would I gladly clasp.

Childhood bittersweet,

Adolescence confusion reaped.

Love and marriage replaced dreamland,

Hard work on every hand.

Lonely passages and dangerous curves,

This present life, opportunity serves.

So many have gone before,

Some certain few stand at the door.

Tree branches end in buds to bloom,

No matter the change, it comes too soon.

Young eyes with wonder see and decide,

Old vision dims with ancient grief abide.

Hardly knowing what you don’t know,

Ever and anon, it’s ever so.

Look and see,

Live and be.

One day plighted,

Where life united.

Love dares,

Vision shares.

Souls Do Matter

Once upon a time-ish,

An ancient voice did call.

Men before God responded, collecting a mighty haul.

Ever the saintly clad, reason so assured,

You got what you deserved, from every evil cured.

In stages God did send,

Our lives in newest trend.

Listen, hear, behold,

How many times must you be told?

Summer sun, glittering glow,

Frosty chill, blowing snow.

A thousand words—nature’s parables did cry,

Spirits recognize passion with a lofty sigh.

Forgive them, Lord, they know not what they do.

Honesty, I wonder, have they ever had a clue?

Lie to me, with me, through me.

Despite deceit, your friend I be.

Except in the end,

Spirits break—not bend.

Between beast and divine,

Arms open wide—Yours and mine.

In our glory, fools shatter.

In perfection, our souls do matter.

God’s glory do we seek,

In nature, human, divine, He speak.

Timeless, Eternal Word,

Soul’s longing cry,

Finally heard.

For Goodness Sake

Photos speak what words no longer say,

Who once lived, loved, shaped each day.

Childhood memories,

Sweet baby fresh,

Life’s possibilities,

Hope, fears mesh.

Young mother held and rocked,

Against all monsters locked.

Rustic Dad with kids did roam,

Always return, safe haven home.

In youth’s mighty grasp,

The world did clasp.

Joy over thrown,

Disappointment did own.

But down the lane,

Return hope sane,

As world jolts,

And reason bolts.

Faithful siblings clash,

Memories, tears dash.

Relentless fail,

Laughter hail.

New vision dear,

Selfless cheer,

For others,



Beyond touch,

Memories clutch.

Hearts swell and break,

Love—for goodness sake.

Genius Love from Above

My head is stuffed with thoughts profound,

The puppy’s eyes follow me round.

From cradle to grave,

My brilliance—a knave.

To-do lists organize life,

Duty calls for thrifty wife.

Family, friends, country, space,

A universe of relations

Olympic race.

Mom’s wisdom,

Not so wise.

Answers have not,

Compliance rot.

Trade texts for text,

Offer emoji smile.

So little a thing,

Happiness bring.

Genius love,

From above.

Grace endows a simple heart,

This world to next, we never part.

Long Journey

Climbing unimagined height,

Soul wearies,

Cold, relentless wind does bite.

Family clan, broken shell,

Seeking love in seeking friend,

Beauty finds

Truth doesn’t bend.

Clamoring gong, attention now,

Sweet good nature the Earth does plow.

Tree lines fall, alone on high.

The valley spread in glory, sigh.

Hand in hand, heart to heart,

Living, serving, company apart.

God in majesty does hand out reach

Holding faith, experience teach.



Love lost?

Never mine.

Seeds of Tomorrow’s Day 

Saving grace of lives well lived,

Do faithful offerings make.

Far away from familiar love,

A libation for my sake.

Weakened desire

Burns fresh anew

At the temple of my need.

Kindness forges strength,

In the spirit of good deed.

Exile in life

Partner in strife



Family ties replaced


Chosen dear

Paths made clear.

Death has no hold when life beyond limit grows.

Blessed are the merciful, for mercy they shall know.

We sow in fresh-turned clay,

The seeds of tomorrow’s day.

Unlikely Dreams

An old day in a new week.

Slanting shadows aspirations seek.

Find endurance through counted time.

Lists and plans accounted mine.

Yet, no future eye can see—

Chirping birds insist, “Just be.”

Lonely through love.

Stretching wholeness from above.

Leaves dance in an evening breeze.

Twirling, swaying, few eyes do see.

Conversation, laughter in the next room.

Me, myself, and I cocooned

Can strength be found in a new day bright,

When shadows loom and limit sight?

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Listen, birds, let weary hearts sing.

For hope does dwell in unlikely dreams.

Light or shadow—nothing is as it seems.

All Humanity

An empty bench waits by the sea,

Ponder time and silence free.

Loving son and loving daughter,

Blue sky and bluer sea.

Dragonflies flitter by,

The waves roll on a mid-day sigh.

Sand, rock, weed, and flower,

Nature changes by the hour.

All our name and titles float away,

Petty divisions hate of the day.

Only myself, yet everyone be,

Join in communion with all humanity.

Truth of Loveliness

As dappled light crawls up the trees,

The sun sets slanting across the seas. 

Children murmur in evening play,

Birds chirp goodnight to the day. 

Staccato hoots of an early owl,

Cats wander on the prowl. 

The breeze stills,

The air chills. 

The last tractor rumbles by,

Piano chords through open windows sigh.

 Fireflies flash their fairy lights,

Frogs chorus into the night.

 Sweet is the summer evening fair,

When life and love and joy do dare, 

To accomplish that which no earthly treasure buys,

A truth of loveliness that never dies.


If only we remembered from whence we came

And delighted in the goodness from above.

If only we grew our strength

From the victory of enduring love.

If only we realized that everything we have is a gift.

And that gifts can be taken away.

If only we toiled for that which lasts

And not so much for the day.

If only we lived lives of hope and not of dreadful dread-

We would know lives of joyful fruit

And not live as if we were already dead. 

Go On

Winter never came,

Spring came too soon.

Summer came and burned us up,

Autumn’s hope from doom.

Childhood raced me by,

Grown-up came too soon.

Parenthood came and livened things up,

Ancient wisdom is my future bloom.

I live upon the seasons, God,

Seasons come and go.

So fast, oh God, so fast.

We yearn, we long,

We freeze, we burn,

We change as seasons go.

Forgive us, Lord,

We forget; we long for seasons gone.

Give us this day our daily bread.

Look and see the leaves fall and freeze,

Then, oh God, the spring breeze.

Go on—go on.

Hope’s Embrace: A Bhuaci Poem

Sisters—linking arms amid the crashing seas-breeze waves—laughing as we fell,

For we knew no fear in our homeland—there we did happily dwell.

Hope ever sprouted,

Love never doubted.

When invaders destroyed our youth and ships to far stars were sent,

Still, our hearts beat true to love—to our faith’s content.

You on board, shivering and afraid,

Me, left behind to protect the homeworld, where I stayed.

Long years passed and messages did tell of new homes fair,

I wish I’d been with you and every adventure shared.

But my content was in knowing you were free,

For enduring great danger here, never safe were we.

Strange silence then ensued and fearful the cause we pursued.

No words can describe the loss—an entire planet laid waste.

Only dead rocks floating in space—a home—myriad dreams erased.

So sister now, only memory serves to fill the aching void,

Where once we played and with our lives enjoyed.

But somber truth teaches—even in heavy loss we endure,

To strengthen that which is beyond any mortal cure.

My daughter now I send to far distant stars to seek,

Our salvation in a future none yet can hope to speak.

My child, cling fast to the dream that held us in its sway,

The joys and laughter that brighten youth’s holy, every-day.

For there is no salvation found apart from the dreams that dwell,

Safely in the hearts of those who know how to love so well.



My friend and ever yet my enemy,

A hope-filled universe you offer me.

But of every joyous ride,

There is another, darker side,

Never real,

Forever sealed.

Once imaged, flesh and blood disperse,

No hope to rehearse,

A lovelier, honest version be,

But never an eye to see.

You loose the bonds of life,

Without a moment’s strife.

Never seen upon the stage,

Neither gladness nor in rage,

Once imagined,

Fantasies are never born,

Never to laugh or to scorn.

Merely disintegrate as vapors in the sky,

I need not ask the reason why.

A truth, a fact, in reality,

So contrary,

To fulfill.

I must live authentically—still.