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OldEarth Aram Encounter Excerpt

—Grasslands—Lake Clan—

Believe Me

In this Historical Sci-Fi Adventure Book, OldEarth Aram Encounter, the first in the OldEarth Encounter series, Onias and Eoban challenge both good and evil.

Onias strolled through the undulating grass. As the sun crested the horizon, he looked back. His wife and sons were safe. His trusted friend, Obed, was seeing to their care and to the care of the other women and children. He had been told about the clan on the other side of the lake and of their friendly reception. He smiled as his gaze swept over their sturdy, well-built homes with cleared land and neat gardens. The odor of goats and sheep carried on a gentle breeze. Their bleating filled the air as they clamored over the trail toward the green fields.

Only the men of his clan remained. One of the neighboring clansmen, Barak, had arrived to offer his assistance. Pink and golden sunlight illuminated the clay rooftops. The thatched buildings had weathered to a soft grey, and the mud-brick walls glistened like burnished gold. The world appeared fresh and indescribably beautiful.

His hand went to his pocket, and he felt the shape of a figure he had been carving for Jonas. Now that she was expecting again, he wanted to give her something to take her mind off their troubles. If he failed in his secret mission, it would be up to the clan to prove their worth as warriors. But he could not imagine failing. He had never met a man who was not willing to accept such an offer as he was willing to make. He would offer their crops, tools, and whatever goods the invaders wanted. They would be stripped, but they would live and build again, and their women would not mourn the death of sons and husbands in battle.

Blinking, he faced east again. His resolve strengthened, and his pace quickened. A sound echoed over the open land. Onias frowned and halted mid-step.

Eoban pounded through the waving grass. “Onias, stop! Wait!”

With his hand tapping his thigh, Onias stood. His scowl deepened, shadowing his face.

Gasping his words, Eoban floundered to a halt. “Onias, you can’t do this.” He grabbed Onias’ shoulder for support and sucked in deep breaths.

Pulling away, Onias started east. “I can and I must. Go home and wait for me.”

Eoban circled in front of him. “If you get too close to the enemy, you’ll never return home.”

“The enemy is in your own mind, Eoban. I am going to meet a man like myself—a man who wants what I have and who’ll be surprised and pleased by my offer.”

With pounding feet, Eoban ran after him. “You’re a fool! You think that because you don’t understand evil—it doesn’t exist, but it does. These men will destroy you because they like the feel of the act. They don’t care. Their evil is stronger than your good.”

Stopping once more, Onias stared at Eoban for a long moment. “If I’m a fool, at least I’m an honest fool. I’ve already faced death. It doesn’t scare me. If I die doing what I know is right, I’ll be better off than those chained by fear. Now, return to the warriors. You can prepare for battle if it makes you feel better. I’ll face the enemy alone.”

Eoban stood with his arms limp at his side.

Onias wandered away as if he were taking an early morning stroll.


Eoban cursed under his breath. Propping his hands on his hips, he stood and raged. Suddenly, fear gripped his heart and his eyes widened.

Two figures ran toward Onias.

A scream caught in Eoban’s throat as he sprinted forward. Joash!

Joash plowed into Onias and threw him to the ground

Onias struggled to his feet, talking, gesturing—to no avail. “Listen to me! We’ll surrender. My clan will give you whatever you want. Let me talk to your leader—”

Holding his spear aloft, Joash sneered as the other man held Onias on the ground.

Onias squirmed. “Don’t you understand? You can have the food, the animals, everything. Just—”

Joash sucked in a deep breath. “We don’t make treaties. We conquer.” With the full force of his strength, he thrust the spear into Onias.

Eoban charged, barreling in, and grabbed both warriors about the middle. Puffing hard, he wrestled the spear from the silent warrior and struck him on the head with a crushing blow.

Joash wrestled his spear out of Onias’ limp body.

Eoban turned his spear on Joash.

His grin twisting grotesquely, Joash spat his words. “You have a choice. Waste your time trying to kill me—or save your friend.”

Swallowing back bile, Eoban glanced from Onias’ body to Joash. “Start running. But someday, I will find you and take your head from your shoulders.” He lunged forward.

Joash jumped back.

Swerving on his heel, Eoban pelted to Onias’ side.

Regaining his sneer, Joash dashed to a safe distance, turned, and shouted. “He’s a fool. He deserved to die.” His laughter drifted to the horizon.

Eoban bent over Onias, peering into his fluttering eyes.

Onias clutched Eoban’s tunic. “A fool, yes. But I still believe—” His head fell back, and his sightless eyes gazed up into the brilliant sky. His hands slipped off Eoban’s chest. Out of Onias’s grip dropped the small, carved figure of a woman and child.


Eoban barely noticed the weight of the lifeless body he carried. His tears, like a burning fire, seared his face. Joash’s final thrust replayed in his mind. Eoban hastened to a jog. Onias’ head bobbed mercilessly. Eoban hefted his friend’s body over his shoulder and hurried on.

As he strode into the village, everyone poured out to meet him. No words were spoken. Eyes spoke louder than any voice.

Two men ran forward and threw cloaks and blankets in the place where Onias would often hold council in the center of the village. Eoban gently laid his body down, folding Onias’ arms across his chest.

Clansmen gathered weapons, stripped off unnecessary garments, and prepared their bodies for battle.

Like thunder, so Eoban roared. “Onias died trying to save us. His sacrifice will not be in vain. We will fight!”

“We fight!” Echoed throughout the village as the lust for blood engulfed them.

The chant had hardly begun when a new shout rang out. “They’re coming! Look east!”

Eoban lined the men in battle array, striding from man to man, assigning fighting instructions. He stopped before the blazing eyes of Ishtar.

He clasped the youth on the shoulder. “Ishtar, do you mean to fight against your own clan? Against your own father? No one expects it of you. Retreat to the other side of the lake. You’ll be of better service there than here.”

Ishtar’s lips drew into a tight line. “I accept my fate. My father thinks I am a coward. I think he is evil. We shall see who’s right.”

With a weary grunt, Eoban shook his head and moved on.

Suddenly, Ishtar’s head jerked up in recognition.

Neb’s taunting call bellowed over the grassland. Hundreds of feet pounded closer.

Ishtar’s voice dropped to a husky whisper. “They’re here…”

A. K. Frailey is the author of 17 books, a teacher for 35 years, and a homeschooling mother of 8.

Make the most of life’s journey.

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Historical Sci-Fi Adventure Book One

Historical Sci-Fi Adventure Book


The history is fascinating, the characters are uniquely intriguing, the plot is very rich, and the events are fascinating.” ~OnlineBookClub

Historical Sci-Fi Adventure Book Two

Historical Sci-Fi Adventure Book


“The story was wonderful and well written.” ~Culver

Historical Sci-Fi Adventure Book Three

OldEarth Neb Encounter Kindle Cover


“A classic good vs evil scenario. Well written. Fast-paced and adventure-filled. Readers both young and old will enjoy.” ~My Book Addiction

Historical Sci-Fi Adventure Book Four

Historical Sci-Fi Adventure Book


“Fraley introduces historical figures and events in a way that is totally credible, while at the same time entertaining.” ~Charles

Historical Sci-Fi Adventure Book


“a remarkably effective mix of bittersweet romance and murder mystery—one that also examines the dynamics of politics and power as well as cultural conflicts between pagans and Christians, Anglo-Saxons and Britons, and landowners and workers. It does it all via the personal perspectives of a family of intriguing, earnest characters.”   ~Kirkus Review

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