Ishtar’s Redemption


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ISHTAR’S REDEMPTION: TRIAL BY FIRE by A.K. Frailey is another exciting inspirational Historical Fiction. A continuation of the “Aram” storyline. #2 in “The Deliverance” Trilogy, while can be read as a stand alone, I feel you Must read “Aram” first to better understand the storyline. “Ishtar’s Redemption: Trial by Fire” is another fast paced story of faith, clans, redemption, sorcery,raids,and of course of heroic rescues. What a journey Ishtar goes on. Although, he has despair, and death he must move forward as is often the case in reality. We can not escape death. The Grassland Clans has many adventures as well as trials and troubles. We learn as in Ishtar’s case we must face the past to forward in the future. Well written with vivid descriptions and engaging characters. A great read and one I believe both young and old will enjoy.

I read the first book in this series, and I really liked it. I could not wait to read the rest of the trilogy. You can also read each book by itself because there is a family tree in the book and there is also a map and prologue.

bg.pngThe first book was about Aram. Ishtar is Aram’s second cousin. This family is deep in Lore and religious beliefs… I liked the friendships in this book… I enjoyed the battles between good and evil, both inner battles and character battles. There is definitely more than meets the eye in this well woven story.

Book Two of The Deliverance Trilogy

100_4952A gripping story of exile and reconciliation.  From lush grasslands to barren deserts Ishtar encounters evil from within and without.  Can a man cursed by his own father leave his torments behind and help a kindly desert nomad who is being persecuted by his own sons?  Learn how Ishtar and his friends face their past, their future, and their own personal mistakes as they forge a new destiny embracing a hope that lives beyond their present sight.  Ishtar’s Redemption is an adventure from start to finish in a world of shadow and light.

The Deliverance Trilogy: 



        Ishtar’s Redemption  


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