A Hero’s Crime

Passing On the Baton

True heroes don’t just believe, they leave a legacy. In her book, Newearth: A Hero’s Crime, A. K. Frailey depicts a fictional scenario where true heroes act as legacies for those who will come after them. After all, the world will live on. Who will help us next? Let us elaborate on what passing on the baton actually means.

The Act of Serving Others

The characteristic of a true hero is the will to serve others. A hero’s selfless nature isn’t something one is born with. In today’s cruel world, when many are ruthless in their approach to others, there stands—often alone—particular individuals who would risk it all to help others. When passing on the baton, that selfless character bears heroic witness to those who must stand tall for future generations.

The Ability to Withstand Losses

Even when you live for the sake of others, you’ll experience pain and loss. But that’s the definition of heroic! The true mark of a hero is that they seek happiness in the well-being of others. Despite fighting impossible odds with no way out, they continue to struggle for the benefit of others. That’s what makes them so unique. Rather than hold onto personal glory, they are willing to pass on the torch to the next hero in line.

In her book, Newearth: A Hero’s Crime, by A. K. Frailey, the mighty Cerulean, once hailed as the Earth’s greatest hero, must face his own limitations. When a planet-eating monster threatens the universe, he must allow a new hero to save it. He understands that someone else who can endure loss but stays in the fight will take his place in the heroic role.

Teaching Humbleness

The best part about true heroes is that they are humble. They appreciate the honor bestowed upon them and are grateful they could serve in a meaningful way. True heroes shy away from acclaim and consider themselves one of the people. Let’s be honest; it’s hard to follow a proud and arrogant “hero.” The phrase “Arrogant Hero” is an oxymoron, no?

The Aura of Winners

True heroes are winners! Even if they lose on particular occasions, they only work harder to win in the long run. That’s what separates them from the rest. We might not often witness such heroes in our era, but those who do, draw us into their endeavors—calling us to follow heroic virtues and bring out the best in us to become like our mentors, enjoying the same aura of winners.

The Hero’s Crime, Or Is It?

In her book, Newearth: A Hero’s Crime, A. K. Frailey crafted a story where a former hero discovers that his friends can assume the heroic mantle, instilling hope for the future. When he faced despair, “a crime against humanity” in his mind, his friend, Clare, saw the matter more clearly, “you show us what makes a hero…and let us rise in our way,” allowing him to realize that his crime was really a “hero’s crime.” His acts of selflessness and kindness toward individuals spread out to embrace the whole universe. Order your copy from Amazon and witness Cerulean’s heroic story unfold.

A. K. Frailey is the author of 17 books, a teacher for 35 years, and a homeschooling mother of 8.

Make the most of life’s journey.

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A Hero's Crime
True heroes don’t just believe, they leave a legacy.


“…delightfully, yet seriously, points to the great value in simply being human.” ~Kaye


“Newearth is a place to start over…to re-think many of the propositions that we take for granted, a chance to discover anew what is needed in order to live a good life.” ~Dr. Eileen Quinn Knight

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