Cautionary Poetry

Beware Prepare!

Cautionary Poetry reminds us that when winter draws near, it’s best to beware and prepare! Wilders are on their way.

Winter deep and long sleep,

From duty calls to heroic falls.


Clouds have assembled,

Armies resembled.


Spring long gone,

Summer’s lost song.


Sweaty, twisty, grinding path that led you here.

Stop, look up, consider dear.


A touch of unseasonable, unreasonable warms the skin,

Fools the eyes,



But Wilders are on their way.

Biting cold and blinding snow.

Frozen earth where nothing can grow.


Screeching winds howl warning.

Thick nests in tremulous trees joining.


Nurture within a quiet space.

Bundle soft blankets in a protected space.


Dig deep. Dig in.

Ponder. Reflect.



Only so far, the soul can go.

Frozen waterways no longer flow.


Our future dims in twilight.

Haunting past, hearts contrite.

Solace in acceptance, forgiveness highlight.


Moment by moment, the Eternal Now.

A promise, hope, dream, and vow.


Pain is no sin but teaches truth.

Aching hurt to interior growth.


Be no fool under a blue sky.

Winter can kill, and people die.


Repair your nest

And prepare your mind

Honor your soul

And guard your kind.


For this season, too, will pass along.

Stay alive to live spring’s dawn.


A. K. Frailey is the author of 17 books, a teacher for 35 years, and a homeschooling mother of 8.

Make the most of life’s journey. 

For novels, poetry, short stories, and inspirational non-fiction books,  check out her Amazon Author Page

A. K. Frailey’s Amazon Author Page


“Your words paint a special kind of picture to contemplate… Your particular choice of words enhances the mystery and magic of the season…”  ~Odin

“…a wonderful collection of 27 poems.~Steven



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