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In ancient history, humanity struggled for survival and grappled with the purpose of our existence. One extended family traverses the course of history through ARAM, Ishtar, and Neb in a world of wild beasts, craven spirits, and noble souls. Generations later, in the first century AD, Aram’s descendant, Georgios must battle a world of dark secrets, deceptive promises, and hope renewed. Four hundred years later, Georgios’ descendant, Melchior, discovers that his vengeance is not as powerful as God’s plans in Melchior—Vengeance Is Mine.

OldEarth ARAM Encounter Book Trailer

 OldEarth ARAM EncounterPaperback

OldEarth ARAM EncounterEbook

Aram must lead his clan to safety, protect an innocent man, forgive his wayward wife, and challenge a curse that haunts his soul. As Aram encounters both good and evil, an alien world watches and waits for their part to play in humanity’s future hope or despair.


“I must bow to her writing skills because it was simply magic!” ~Charlotte

“The author has a wonderful talent for putting the reader in the midst of the story.” ~Ellen

“The author draws you in and keeps you there.” ~Michael

“The book was action-packed, not a dull page. Keen insight by the
author.” ~Linda

“While set in the past, the human emotions and experiences speak to any generation…” ~Lindens

Book Quotes

Teal sighed. They were not his people, yet he cringed at the thought of abandoning these helpless beings to the ravages of an unforgiving wilderness. But duty called—the Supreme Council awaited his report… ~Luxonian explorer and guardian

“Contrary to my expectations, I foresee a day when humans and their primitive world will be quite useful. We’re on an intercept course.” ~Zuri, Ingot Trader

“You don’t know who Ishtar might become or what’ll happen to Neb. Don’t justify your evil by insisting everyone is evil. It’s too simplistic—even for an Ingot.” ~Teal, Luxonian explorer and guardian.

“Perhaps He trains His great ones with great trials.” ~Eymard of ARAM’s clan

OldEarth Ishtar Encounter Book Trailer I

OldEarth Ishtar Encounter Book Trailer II

OldEarth Ishtar Encounter Amazon Link

Forced to leave his clan and his children behind, Ishtar staggers into a vast wilderness and encounters a desert nomad who loves him as a son. When foreign raiders approach, Ishtar must discover if he can move beyond madness, protect his people, and reclaim his family. Eager to know the source of Ishtar’s strength, a watching Universe must learn if humanity can save them from a spreading darkness. 


“Enjoyed the second book of the trilogy even more than the first.” ~Ellen

“The story was wonderful and well written.” ~Culver

“Five Stars.” ~David

“…its characters walk in the sort of uncertainty that characterizes real life and real people trying to make our way in a big, complex world.” ~Pam

“Frailey has once again done a splendid job of tying together mankind’s past with its future!” ~NickofTime

Book Quotes

“We don’t experience the polar opposites as humans do. It makes quite a difference. Consider—” He tapped the console. Teal dissolved, and Chai appeared beautifully dressed in his crimson robes embroidered in gold. “A dangerous—by all human standards—evil force controls this man. It’s a force I’ve rarely encountered before. Yet, this human believes he’ll benefit from the experience.” ~Ungle, Crestonian Superior, advocating the study of the human race.

Obed felt his stomach crunch. “Oh hell.” With a shake of his head, he charged through the doorway and sped through the village. Stopping in the midst of a copse of trees by the stream, he lifted his gaze to the filtered sunlight. Forgive me, Onias. But I will not lose another son… 

OldEarth Neb Encounter Amazon Link

Raised in a world of wild beasts, craven spirits, and noble souls, Neb dominates everyone around him. His mother feeds his lies, his father falls before him, and his brothers flee. Only in love does he meet a force he cannot resist. His wife bears two sons who take opposite paths. Neb’s curse follows both. Heaven and hell await their answer. Through the eyes of three alien worlds, so does the watching universe.


“There are a multitude of interesting types of people in this series and I loved their life stories.” ~Nancy

“Neb… provides the background to the events in the first two books of the set. It does much more than just satisfy the curiosity, it gives depth and increased meaning to the thoughts and hearts of the characters. The characters become even more alive in this final installation.” ~Ann

“I loved the book. I found it very thought-provoking about the characters and how they deal with life around them.” ~Amazon Customer

Book Quotes

“How can we keep our family traditions alive and remember those worthy of renown if we don’t know who they were and what heroic deeds they accomplished?” ~Gizah, Aram’s daughter, to her husband, Amin


“His gaze slid to Teal. “Or your Uanyi Queen may have decided she didn’t like the little Bhuac’s attitude and has given them something to think about.”

“She wouldn’t do that.”

“Oh, no? I think she’s quite capable of any measure of treachery.” Ark eyed Teal closely. “And if your brain were working properly, so would you.” ~Zuri and Ark, warning Teal


“She felt herself surrounded by those whose love lived on in new generations: Aram with his protective strength, forever supporting her, Enosh, Kenan, Madai, Ishtar, Amin, Eoban, Barak, Obed, Lud, Eymard, Hul, Leah, Eva, Tamar, Hagia, Namah, Jonas, Pele…everyone who had chosen light and hope when the world had grown dark and dangerous.” ~Gizah as she cradles her baby

OldEarth GEORGIOS Encounter (In production)

Oldearth MELCHIOR Encounter (In Production)

Melchior: Vengeance Is Mine—Book Trailer

Britain in the fifth century was a land torn by war, while Melchior was a man torn by choice. His son is accused of murder, his daughter is forced to marry a brutal king, and his sister is driving him mad, but a prophetic vision saves him from despair. A father will endure great trials to keep his children safe.


“Murder, mayhem, and mystery make for the perfect Medieval tale. Stir in love, passion, compassion, and the story of the burgeoning Christian Church in ancient times, and you have a book that is hard to put down…transports you back to the days of kings, castles, and common folk.”  ~Amanda Lauer

“If you’re a fan of Ann Frailey’s sweeping historical epics, her newest book Melchior, Vengeance is Mine, will not disappoint. The author has a rare talent of immersing readers in the past. With stunning description, realistic characters, and a humorous touch in just the right places…sure to inspire and entertain.”  ~Susan Peek

A.K. Frailey paints an elaborate tapestry of breathing, bleeding characters who show us both the work of God’s hand and the far-reaching consequences of our choices, despite our perceived limitations…a sweeping historical saga, beautifully-written.” ~Carolyn Astfalk

We are not alone…

Recent Posts

Head for Shore

The lake before me runs at an even pace with ripples breaking against the rocky, wooded shoreline. November trees adorned with crumpled, brown leaves shiver in a cold breeze. Evergreens standout, their pine branches waving as if to salute distant friends who never get any closer.

This should be a forlorn landscape, but I sought it out. It’s too muddy to take my usual walk, but my soul craves the sympathetic poetry of natural beauty. Fishermen aren’t crowding the pier this time of the year, though a red car just pulled up, and a man heaved a pole and a bucket from the backseat.

I recently disconnected from my main social media sites. A death of sorts, pulling the plug on a life support that often drained more than fed. I pondered this move long and hard, making several weak attempts to control my online habit with organized lists, determined parameters, and even a few complete breaks. But like a dysfunctional relationship, I kept going back in the hopes that things would be different. Not this time.

Mists of rain turned to heavy drops, and the red car just drove away. Undeterred birds chirp with wild abandon. Crows caw their raucous opinion. Whatever the matter might be, I haven’t a clue. Territory issues? Food source contestants? Perhaps they’re just trolling as they fly by.

2020 has proven to be a heck of a year on many levels. It started out weird when two of my boys, acting as altar servers on New Year’s Eve, fainted on the altar. No explanation. They just fell faint twenty feet apart, at nearly the same moment, for no known reason. They were embarrassed; I was worried; the congregation was confused. Not an auspicious beginning to the year. But it proved accurate. I’m still worried, and now the whole world is confused.

COVID, shutdowns, national divisions, an entangled world, environmental concerns, massive debt, 61+ million aborted humans, 39% divorce rate, (Give or take, depending on your source) relationship dysfunction, collective guilt, heated controversies, out of control rage, and no-end-in-site-isolation, make for an anxious population and an uncertain future. God knows what 2021 will bring.

And there lies the reason that I’m sitting in a cold car on the lakeside, facing a bare woods in late November. The same reason that I disconnected from my social media sites. There is more to life than the clickbait that bots are determined to show me or the hurt, fear, and frustration of a world slipping wildly out of control.

I have to stand on a firm foundation in order to step anywhere. I need nurturing soil to grow. I’ve been thrashing about in the deep end of madness for a weary length of time. God has been generous enough to hold me up, but I suspect that he’d like me to head for shore.

Rain patters on the car roof, a comforting sound, as long as it doesn’t become a deluge. It’s only noon, and though the clouds make for a dim view, I can still see through the tangled woods and across the rippling waves.

My human existence is more than making online “friends” and connecting through a few words before moving on. My brain wasn’t made to filter so many images, the cacophony of opinions, a swirling sea of conflicting realities. My heart doesn’t beat well to the tune of ghost relationships, scammer fakes, or an inundation of offerings. I can’t enjoy any post when I’m drowning in a raging sea of alerts, dings, calls, texts, all flashing pay-attention-to-me notices throughout the day.

God. Family. Home. A rolling lake. Strolling through a November woods. Falling rain. A beautiful poem. Heartfelt words. A couple of inspirational biographies. Sitting in the living room, knitting. Sharing meals with friends and family. Stories enlivened with kids’ laughter. Quiet moments in prayer and gratitude.

There is more to life than online social media.

I’ve decided to live it.

Books by A. K. Frailey

Science Fiction Novels

Last of Her Kind http://amzn.to/2y1HJvg

Newearth: Justine Awakens http://amzn.to/2pq0vWN

Historical Fiction & Science Fiction Blend Novels

OldEarth ARAM Encounter https://amzn.to/2KLhlsN

OldEarth Ishtar Encounter https://amzn.to/2OAkDQF

OldEarth Neb Encounter https://amzn.to/3iGqGlQ

OldEarth Georgios Encounter (In production)

Oldearth Melchior Encounter (In production)

Children’s Book

The Adventures of Tally-Ho http://amzn.to/2sLfcI5

Inspirational Non-Fiction

My Road Goes Ever On—Spiritual Being, Human Journey https://amzn.to/2KvF3Ll

The Road Goes Ever On—A Christian Journey Through The Lord of the Rings http://amzn.to/2lWBd0z

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