About Me

Author, Educator, Mother, and Traveler on Life’s Journey.

A. K. Frailey, an author of a historical sci-fi and science fiction series, short story collections, inspirational non-fiction books, a children’s book, and a poetry collection, has been writing for over ten years and published 15 books.

Her novels expand from the OldEarth world to the Newearth universe—where deception rules but truth prevails. Her nonfiction work focuses on the intersection of motherhood, widowhood, practicing gratitude, and rediscovering joy.

As a teacher with a degree in Elementary Education, she has taught in Milwaukee, Chicago, L. A., and WoodRiver, and was a teacher trainer in the Philippines for Peace Corps. She earned a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University.

Ann is currently finishing a new science fiction novel in the Newearth world and a historical sci-fi novel in her OldEarth series.

She has won 2-course director’s awards in Episodic & Serial Writing & Film Screenwriting and was Valedictorian when she received her Master of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing. She made finalist the Tuscany Press Writing Contest, was a two-time winner for the Catholic Writer Seal of Approval, received an Honorable Mention in the Hollywood Book Festival, and made runner-up in an Indie publishing contest.

Find out more about A. K. Frailey from her Hollywood Times Interview.  Or check out her Formidable Woman Magazine Interview.  She also enjoyed taking part in this fun podcast with Dick and Jay: A. K. Frailey on Bad Science Fiction Read Poorly Podcast     

Ann homeschooled all 8 children. She manages her rural homestead with her kids and their numerous critters. In her spare time, she serves as an election judge, a literacy tutor, and secretary/treasurer of her small town’s cemetery.