Feature Film Script Samples

Fantasy Adventure, Feature Screenplay Excerpt:



Matt is a young man recovering from cancer when he inherits his grandfather’s dog, an enchanted pirate who must accomplish three good deeds, or else his life and Matt’s world will be sacrificed to a vengeful spirit.

Photo: https://pixabay.com/en/golden-retriever-dog-fur-1342257/

Science Fiction, Family Adventure, Animated Feature Screenplay Excerpt:


squirrel-1520678__340Sylvan, an ordinary grey squirrel, must protect her woods from a DNA enhanced, alien invaders by convincing ancient enemies (coyotes and cougars) to work together and save the innocent from utter destruction.

Photo: https://pixabay.com/en/squirrel nager-cute-nature-rodent-1520678/

Science Fiction, Drama, Feature Screenplay Excerpt: 


Forced out of hiding, a disheartened Guardian from Lux sets out to save humanity by relocating them to his planet, only to discover that the Supreme Council plans to use humans as lab rats, which will send the universe into an interplanetary war.

Science Fiction, Drama, Miniseries—available upon request 

Newearth—Justine Awakes

Coming soon! Newearth—A Hero’s Crime

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