Mortal Eyes

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There’s life…and then there’s life.

When I read a good book, I feel like I get the value, meaning, purpose, and passion of life’s struggle better than when I am just doing the ordinary duties of the day. The kids and I are currently reading Anne Of Green Gables, a story where the author draws out the fantastic elements of the ordinary. Her descriptions of a sunrise and sunset allow me to see the grandeur of the moment. I see through her eyes more powerfully than my own. When reading a What if… story like Flowers for Algernon, I understand the value of a human soul a little better. Strange?

Perhaps it is because writers try to see what is lost in the glare of “ordinary.” They try to recover what we forget to notice. We all have the potential of a good writer, if not to put things down on paper, at least to look again and see what is before us with new and vivid appreciation.

Well trained actors do much the same. They take real life, act it out, play it up, and help us to see what is right in front of us. Authentic writers and actors can help the blind see and the deaf hear.  Life is meant to be lived passionately, but it takes skill and determination to do that. Occasionally, we can be pulled from the ordinary into the extraordinary and reminded that there is more to us than we see with our mortal eyes.


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