Nocturne Blest

As the sun drops beyond the horizon low,

Leaving the crimson world aglow,

I stand alone between flowers and trees,

Soaking in a gentle breeze.

Fireflies twinkle in fairy-land darts,

Easing mind, soul, and heart.

In noontime heat,

I stroll the familiar beat.

Stepping around molehills and brushing off flies,

I pant with weariness, daytime sighs.

Just by chance,

The wind sent the oak leaves to dance,

Revealing my friend hidden beneath.

Magic in miracles of light-dance, I hold belief.

Glorious is the sudden understanding, truth,

My little friend stays hidden all day, aloof.

Faithful in habitual flight,

Enjoying the security of solitary night,

His daytime sojourn rest,

Ensures my nocturne blest.

To each own a day and night enlighten.

His to rest and then to roam.

Mine to love and hope to brighten,

Our shared home.

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