Soul’s Amen

A spider web in the branching trees,

Sends winking glints in a gentle breeze.

What an intrepid climber you be,

Forever free!

My little friend may claim great might.

Above the landscape, amazing height.

Birds flutter in anxious haste,

You watch in expectation, not a breath of waste.

My admiration grows as few compare,

To tread your glorious, climbing dare.

Until I ponder your daily meal,

No breakfast, lunch, or supper there you steal.

Perhaps the same we live,

For beauty, our souls we gladly give.

But when it comes to food to eat,

From ordinary lives do we retreat.

Clouds and rain reprimand,

Hunger and thirst do demand,

A small corner on a dark day,

A quiet spot without sun’s glinting ray.

Nourish the body and climb again,

For the spirit needs glory, the soul’s amen.

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