Where To Feed?

A hummingbird flitters by,

The glittering feeder gone dry.

Guilty, I note,

Unwholesomely, upon my feathered friends, I dote.

To watch and claim my own wee-beast

I succor them from best to least.

A flighty friend, too, am I,

To wander hungry, expectations sigh.

Where to feed,

To fill my need?

The easy sugar-treat

Weakness does entreat.

Culinary goodness command,

Time, patience, skill demand.

Does the tiny bird entreat?

“Don’t follow me to water-sweet.

Rather look and seek,

Nature’s blossoms—humble, meek.”

The shiny bottle drained.

All manner of creatures claimed.

The fake and unnatural retreat.

Their honest virtue must compete.

Plant flowering bushes to abound!

Nectar options our homes surround.

Seek not the easy-life,

Without work, sweat, and myriad-strife.

Fly to that which our Creator did intend,

Our wills to bend.

To humble flower from the Earth grows true.

Or from emptiness, we shall rue.

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