Yet Another Day

Exorbitant fear dooms all,

In gloom see nothing but a fall.

Dear spirits above holding tight,

Overcome tragedy strong-willed might.

Fragile flowers do harsh winds face.

Honeybees against storms do race.

My roots dig deep to foundation core,

Faith holds me, feeds me from an ancient store.

When the light dims and fear overshadows all,

Casting webs, terror’s pall.

Hold on.

Breath deep.

To thy senses keep.

Prophet’s dire warnings, cruel words spew.

Tree tops to roots, malfeasance hew.

Trust is chosen.

Beyond all hope,

Faith and charity do elope.

Impossible tomorrow,

Where the future lies,

Abiding in grace, terror flies.

Believe in that which no eye can see.

This world or the next, our lives will be.

Today fear has its say.

Tomorrow’s yet another day.

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