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The Adventures of Tally-Ho Book Trailer

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The Adventures of Tally-Ho

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The Adventures of Tally-Ho

Three imaginative stories about a little girl growing up in the country with her large, loving, and faithful family.


Tally-Ho and Family

Tally-Ho: Bees and Honey

Tally-Ho and The Dear Little Critters

Once upon a time, a young girl named Tally-Ho lived a life full of wonder and imagination.

Every morning Tally-Ho awoke very early and greeted the day cheerfully.

          “Good morning, God!  Good morning, Angels!  Help me be good today!

          At breakfast almost every morning, she ate cereal, toast and juice.  But on Saturdays, she ate bacon, eggs, and toast with a little cup of tea.  Each morning her whole family was hungry for they always had a lot of work to do…

Stories of faith, family, and nature.

A joy-filled combination! 


Our children really love this book — the two-year-old wanted to hear it again as soon as we finished! We get to experience the simple joys and beauty of life through Tally-Ho. We love how there are a few short stories with beautiful illustrations together in one book so that with younger ones, you can just take one story at a time. ~Bautem