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Newearth—Justine Awakens

After being shut down for seventy years, Justine Santana awakens on Newearth with a chance to start over. The alien who rescued her has only one request—kill the man she loves. Her freedom hangs in the balance. Is Justine a woman—or a weapon?


Found guilty of war crimes, Justine Santana, a Human-Android hybrid is shut down. Taug, an alien from Crestar, must eliminate his father’s mistake—a Human-Cresta crossbreed named Derik. When Taug awakens Justine and charges her with the assignment to kill Derik, he never suspects that she might discover the meaning of love—and her intrinsic humanity.

Now, after the last war crimes trial, Cerulean would finally be free to help humanity resettle on Newearth. But this trial must come first. After all, Justine was human too….

She glanced up at the massive holoscreen hovering over the assembly. On its curved surface, the security recordings from the Generous Sharon played on a constant loop. “My guilt is…pretty obvious.”

Before Newearth…

Available on Amazon— Last of Her Kind

Cerulean, a light being stationed on Earth, wants to save the woman he loves, but when his superiors decided to experiment on humans, he must forgo his dreams and help shape a new world.

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As a prelude to the Newearth series, Last of Her Kind sets the stage for an inter-alien alliance, which must learn to value human beings as more than throwaway tools. Cerulean’s admiration for Anne evolves into an extraterrestrial high road—offering the universe true humanity.

The best in humanity can save the universe, but the worst in humanity will destroy us all. Cerulean and Anne must call forth a new future from a dying planet.

Human relationships are tricky to manage in any case—add in a planetary crisis, a well-meaning light-being, know-it-all scientists, and a love triangle—and you have serious science fiction drama.