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Reading a book my son recommended—His Majesty’s Dragon. I am really enjoying the happy relationship between Lawrence and the dragon Temeraire. Their mutual kindness against the historical backdrop of the Napoleonic wars and the subterranean inner lives and conversations we humans have makes for an interesting yet relaxing read..

May be an image of 1 person, sunglasses and text that says 'THE NEXT WIFE Equally smart and savage, this lightning fast read. -MARY KURICA, NEW YORK TEEES BESTSELLING AUTHOR USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR KAIRA ROUDA'
Someone sent me this book in the mail, and I was hesitant to start it since it didn’t look like my kind of book. But I took a chance, and I’ve found it interesting in many ways. The story is told from four different viewpoints: the first wife, the second wife, the husband, and the adult daughter from the first marriage. Insightfully honest about how humanity tends to think we know a whole lot more than we do…


A very powerful story with some disturbing elements, vividly showing life in Germany during key years. Centering on a family home and all the people inhabiting it for different periods of their lives, contrasts and similarities are highlighted. We are all human with basic needs, but what we inherit, the times and condition of our lives, and what we choose to make of them, can be vastly different. A story I won’t soon forget.


Contrary to expectations, instead of being disheartened by Cardinal Pell’s prison journal, I was encouraged. He writes with such forthright honesty that I was drawn in up-close and personal. His wide knowledge, dynamic personal experiences, “Catholic” professional connections, and spiritual insights carried me beyond a painful present to ultimate truth. We humans are not God, we mess us ingloriously, yet despite our brokenness (maybe because of it), God’s grace shines ever more brightly.
My faith in God has never seriously wavered, but my faith in humanity has cracked to pieces many times. Cardinal Pell’s book offers the humble-human, God-centered medicine to heal our ever-present human woundedness.

Thank you for that, Cardinal Pell. May God continue to work through you.

Definitely a great resource for anyone interested in a comprehensive understanding of the teaching of Thomas Aquinas. Kevin Vost breaks the issues down into digestible pieces and surveys a vast field of serious topics. The whole concept of hell disturbs me profoundly, but as I pondered the reality of chosen evil and the rejection of God, I considered the thought that God does not send souls to hell, people choose it freely. The existence of choice suggests that some will do so. Aquinas on the Four Last Things is a very thoughtful study for anyone considering the trajectory of his or her life.

In a world of complaints and pointing fingers, the life story of Fred Rogers instills calm hope. What a remarkable man from a truly remarkable family. Wealthy but generous to an incredible degree, it shows once again that the person is not measured by the quantity of their possessions but the quality of their heart.

 I would much rather turn my head and not see evil, but there is a time when it becomes cowardly and wrong to simply refuse to see. Reading the book Finding Vigano is one of those moments when I realized that I must see. There can be no true healing or growth without first facing our wounds. The Catholic Church, among many of God’s people, are suffering from grievous wounds. Moynihan’s insight and Vigano’s courage speak to the best of humanity in our struggle to overcome our worst selves.

The best book I have ever read on the history of Catholicism in the US. Fr. Charles did an outstanding job citing reliable resources, sifting through diverse opinions, reporting historical events with cool-headed accuracy, maintaining a balanced eye on various currents underlying cultural and societal highs and lows, and refusing to be drawn into the typical cheerleading or accusing platform so prevalent today.

I gained tremendous insight into the anti-Catholicism that has run through our national history, along with the fear that has led some people to suspect the worst in anything related to the Catholic faith.

Especially impressive is Fr. Connor’s restraint in refusing to take a historical perspective on events too close to modern events, “…to continue much further would bring us into a contemporary narrative too susceptible to subjectivity and whose contours are still changing…”

This is, as Fr. Connor concludes, a glorious story—”of God and His people.

“I held off reading this book because I didn’t want to know what it had to say. But in a careful reflection of current events, it is impossible to ignore the challenges facing the Church. Prayers and honesty have a great deal to offer in a world where logic does not always apply. Philip Lawler doesn’t come across as a fanatic bent on disrupting the faithful but rather offers a clarion call to remain faithful.

Toil and Transcendence is an excellent historical reference and a gift to the human family.

An informative book detailing the massive interplaying forces in the creation of this nation. Patrick Henry stands as a great man for many reasons though his stand on slavery never manifested itself in real, long-term solutions. Perhaps he realized that the time had not come, that the country had to be solid enough to withstand the rending that must occur before slavery could be abolished forever? In any case, he certainly lived according to his own moral integrity. The best quote of the whole book is near the end. (p.390) “…he advocated in the the Virginia Declaration of Rights—justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue. “Vice and depravity must be suppressed and become unfashionable or they will undo us,”  Henry advised. “Let us ally ourselves to virtue, for without that auxiliary our appearance on the theater of nations will be fleeting.” On the other hand, if all of America’s “republican characters” stood united as virtuous citizens, their destiny could be “fixed as the firmament.”

The Oxford Book of Children’s’ Verse In America Chosen and edited by Donald Hall

The Road Goes Ever On Amazon Link

I love the comparisons snd the background of the characters. I have enjoyed The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit since I was 16 and read the first pages. This was enriching snd also during this tumultuous time I Am encouraged that others believe in the truth of Jesus and standing up for Truth. Thank you for writing such a wonderful encouraging book.” ~Dobbins, 2020 GoodReads

“Wow! This book blew me away. This was the fifth volume I have read from the masterful pen of Ann A.K. Frailey. I have loved everything of hers that I have written. Both the fiction and non-fiction. But as much as I love her fiction, I think this is the best of her works that I have read to date. I honestly believe this is a book any Catholic, any Christian would benefit from reading. To be honest I bought it because of the author, but it was a very timely read. And one I know I will return to again and again.” ~McEvoy, 2020 GoodReads

Review by Fr. Daren Zehnle

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Well written and entertaining , totally enjoyed this book.👍 Can’t wait to read the next book when it comes out. ⭐ ~Higgins, GoodReads Review

“Aram was an imaginative, creative work. The book was action-packed, not a dull page. Keen insight by the author. She seemed to grasped the time period and filled each page with compassion. I can’t wait for her next book to be published.” ~Linda, Amazon Review

“Frailey’s characters are complex and varied – no cardboard cut-out Good Guys and Bad Guys here, but no attempt to render right and wrong ambiguous or iffy.” ~Ostermann, Amazon Review

“Frailey masterfully combines a story that both looks to humanity’s past and its future, while at the same time creating a suspenseful story that is hard to put down.” ~NickofTime, Amazon Review

Review by California Bookwatch:

Night Owl Reviews

“Wonderfully written and an amazingly told story. The author brought to life an ancient time in history and made it real and relevant in the “now” if you will. Richly woven history and adventure. It will speak to you whether you are religious, spiritual, or just looking for a great story. The characters were sharply brought to life against a beautifully drawn background. I’ll be reading the rest of the series.” ~GoodReads Reviewer

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“Reading “ARAM” first definitely helps with understanding the plot and characters. All the clans join together again to fight more evil. Ann Frailey is a wonderful writer! Just like “ARAM”, this book makes me feel like each of the characters. I cannot wait to read the third book in the series…” ~Mandy, Amazon Review

“…Rather its characters walk in the sort of uncertainty that characterizes real life and real people trying to make our way in a big, complex world…” ~Pam, Amazon Reveiw 

Night Owl Reviews


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Night Owl Review

“A classic good vs evil scenario. Well written. Fast-paced and adventure-filled. Readers both young and old will enjoy “The Deliverance” Trilogy. I truly recommend reading all three in this amazing trilogy. The characters come to life on the pages. A must-read! Received for an honest review from the publicist and/or author.” ~My Book Addiction

“Neb the Great looks at humanity’s ancient past. The vivid descriptions of different clans bring early humanity alive. While part of a series, Neb works well as a standalone.” ~Rachel, GoodReads

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Last of Her Kind by [A. K. Frailey]

“This was unique, entertaining and I really loved the character development. People I can relate to and actually care about have become few and far between. These characters were so real. I love that.” ~Sandra, Kindle Review

Newearth Justine Awakens Amazon Link

“It is hard to write about a book that moved me so much. Anne made me cry and yet I shook my head at her courage. My belief has actually increased a little by the beauty of this tale. Not so much because of all the inspirational messages but for showing the good, the bad, and all the breadth in between.” ~Glenda, Amazon Review

It Might Have Been Amazon Link

“…this is a great collection of short fiction.” ~Amazon Reader 

Encounter Science Fiction Short Stories & Novella Amazon Link

“When I found out she had a new collection out, this volume, I grabbed it immediately and started reading it that day…This collection is just shy of 400 pages of masterfully written stories. It is immensely entertaining.” ~Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer

My Road Goes Ever On Amazon Link

“I loved reading Ann’s wise, hope-giving thoughts about life and love. Truly, life is the art of overcoming obstacles and becoming stronger to live a fuller life. Beautiful work!” ~Ksneia, Amazon Review

The Adventures of Tally-Ho Amazon Link

“Our children really love this book — the two-year-old wanted to hear it again as soon as we finished! We get to experience the simple joys and beauty of life through Tally-Ho. We love how there are a few short stories with beautiful illustrations together in one book so that with younger ones, you can just take one story at a time.” ~Amazon Review