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The Road Goes Ever On

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 The Deliverance Trilogy  Review by California Bookwatch:

Three books in A.K. Frailey’s ‘Deliverance Trilogy’ series provide Christian fiction readers with a blend of adventure, fantasy, and spiritual reflection which are designed to both entertain and provide hours of thought. First in the series is ARAM a story of a man’s search for God in a world filled with evil forces. It details Aram’s birth (before Israel was founded), his encounters with a hostile world where evil lies not just outside his community, but within, and how three warring factions discover connections which in fact bind them together. There’s romance, mystery, discovery, and all kinds of adventure wound into Aram’s life.  

The second novel in the trilogy,  Ishtar’s Redemptionprovides a related book in the series and tells of one Ishtar, cursed and exiled from his roots, and how he comes to find friends in the world who face their own forms of exile and enlightenment. Chapters cover defining influences in his life, past and present choices, and the structure of change that will lead to his own spiritual and personal evolution. 

NEB THE GREAT: SHADOWS OF THE PAST Neb the Great provides a prequel that brings these first books together, providing a prequel that considers the shared ancestry of the first two title protagonists and the third protagonist of Neb the Great, raised to conquer until a woman changes his life and gives him sons who will change history. One son is the father of Aram – the other will fall further into a world of greed and corruption. Set in the land of Ur, these are the stories of promises, commitments, treachery and change. They’re also interconnected sagas of personal demons and salvation, and bring messages of promise and hope to Christian readers who will readily recognize the parables and ideas in each of these stories.


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Wonderfully written and an amazingly told story. The author brought to life an ancient time in history and made it real and relevant in the “now”, if you will. Richly woven history and adventure. It will speak to you whether you are religious, spiritual, or just looking for a great story. The characters were sharply brought to life against a beautifully drawn background. I’ll be reading the rest of the series.

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Ishtar’s Redemption – Trial by Fire  

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Neb the Great – Shadows of the Past  

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